God of War Ragnarok A Viking Funeral Favor Guide

Our God of War Ragnarok A Viking Funeral favor guide walks you through how to complete this end-game Favor. This Favor centers around attending the dwarf smith Brok’s funeral. Completing this Favor unlocks the Funeral For a Friend Trophy and adds to the storyline with Brok’s brother Sindri.

How to Start the A Viking Funeral Favor

Image showing the message from Freya about Brok's funeral service.
Freya tells you about Brok’s funeral service.

The A Viking Funeral Favor can be completed once you’ve completed The Path main storyline in God of War Ragnarok. Upon completion of this storyline you leave the mountain with Freya. Upon leaving the mountain Freya mentions that there is a service for Brok being held at Raeb’s tavern in Svartalheim. This gives you a hint of where to go to start the Favor.

Once you’ve received this prompt from Freya, head to Svartalheim, specifically by using the Nidavellir Mystic Gate. This puts you on the northside of the Nidavellir city. Walk south through the city and enter the tavern. When you enter the tavern you will start the A Viking Funeral Favor. Inside the tavern you will find a group of dwarves sitting around, speaking about Brok. Once they are done, interact with Brok’s body to say a few words to advance the Favor.

Attend Brok’s Funeral

Image showing Sindri at Brok's funeral in God of War Ragnarok.
Sindri comes to Brok’s funeral.

After you’ve said a few words for Brok the dwarves tell you that they are taking Brok’s body to the Sverd Sands location in the wetlands in Svartalheim. Go back to the Nidavellir Mystic Gate and use it to travel to the Aurvangr Wetlands Mystic Gate. Leave the gate and follow the path forward. You will find a ferry on to the west. Ride this ferry across the water to reach the Sverd Sands.

On the Sverd Sands you will find the same group of Dwarves from the tavern. Durlin will tell you to start the ceremony. Approach Brok’s body on the beach and interact with it. Doing this causes Kratos to pick up Brok’s body and a cutscene plays showing the ceremony. During this cutscene Sindri appears to see his brother off. He is still angry with Kratos.

Following the conclusion of the cutscene the credits roll for a second time in the game. Watch or skip the credits to regain control of Kratos. When you regain control of Kratos you unlock the Funeral For a Friend Trophy and add +1 completion to the game’s Favors. A full video of the favor being completed can be watched here.

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