Genshin Impact: Yanxiao’s Dilemma Guide

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In Genshin Impact there is a daily commission players can complete called Yanxiao’s Dilemma. This daily commission tasks players with helping an NPC at the Wangshu Inn named Yanxiao who is a chef. To complete this daily commission you need to find speficic ingredients for this character. To help you complete this daily commission use our Yanxiao’s Dilemma guide below.

Where to Start Yanxiao’s Dilemma?

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When this daily commission is available for you to complete you will find it at the Wangshu Inn in the Bishui Plain area of the world. Once you reach the inn make your way up the ramps until you reach the first floor. Head inside the building here and make your way to the back area where there is a kitchen. Speak to Yanxiao to learn his dilemma. He needs two ingredients: Jueyun Chili and Lotus Head.

Where to Find Jueyun Chili and Lotus Head

Image showing on the map Where to Find Jueyun Chili and Lotus Head in Genshin Impact.

The two ingredients we need for this daily commission are Jueyun Chili and Lotus Head. These ingredients can be found in a variety of locations but I will point you towards some of the easier spots to collect them:

  • Jueyun Chili: A spicy plant native to Liyue. There are many of these plants around the Qingyun Peak area. Go here and pick at least 1x Jueyun Chili.
  • Lotus Head: A plant found near small to medium sized bodies of water (like rivers). Easy place to find the 1x Lotus Head we need is in the small pond directly west of the Sea of Clouds teleport waypoint in Liyue Harbor.

Once you’ve picked one of each of the plants listed above, head back to Wangshu Inn. Here speak to Yanxiao again. When you speak to the NPC give him the ingredients you collected. Yanxiao will make a dish and will ask you to take it over to Jiangxue.

Deliver Dish to Jiangxue and Return to Yanxiao

Jiangxue is a fisherman that can be located on a small island directly northeast of Wangshu Inn. Make the short trip to the daily commission marker there and give the food to Jiangxue. Once you’ve given him the food report back to Yanxiao in the inn to receive your daily commissions rewards. You will receive Primogems, Adventure XP, Mora, Companionship XP, and upgrade materials for your efforts.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Yanxiao’s Dilemma daily commission in Genshin Impact. This mission is fairly easy to complete and rewards you with some much needed items like Adventure XP and Mora. Keep it locked to HTR for more Genshin Impact guides and news.

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