Genshin Impact Prime Gaming Bundle 1 is Live

Image showing the Genshin Impact Prime Gaming bundle 1.

Fans of Twitch and Genshin Impact are being rewarded for their fandom. The game and streaming service have teamed up to provide members of the Prime Gaming subscription service with rewards. The first Genshin Impact Prime Gaming bundle 1 is now available. The guide below will walk you through how to get your code and where to use it.

How to Claim the Genshin Impact Prime Gaming Reward Bundle

Before you do anything unsure you are a member of Prime Gaming. This is necessary to access the different game rewards provided by the company. The gaming membership is part of in Amazon Prime. So if you have that already you are good.

With that out of the way navigate your way to the Genshin Impact Prime Gaming page. On this page you will find the current rewards available for players of Genshin Impact. The first available reward is a bundle that includes:

On the bundle you will see a claim now button. Push this button to receive your code. Head either into the game to input the code or use the browser code page. Input your code when prompted then grab the items from the in-game mail system.

This is the first of eight bundles planned to release for Genshin Impact through the Prime Gaming system. All of the bundles will contain various rewards for players to redeem in-game. Check back for more details in the coming months.

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