Fridge Duty Guide – Control Side Quest

There are a number of side quests for players to complete in Control. One side quest takes place in the Panopticon area. Here you will find an NPC speaking to a fridge. This triggers the Fridge Duty side quest. Find out how to complete this side quest using our Fridge Duty guide below.

Fridge Duty Side Quest Location

Image showing the start of the Fridge Duty side quest.

As mentioned above the Fridge Duty side quest can be found in the Panopticon area. Make your way to Floor 4 – Altered Items and look for a man and a fridge in Unit 15. Use the intercom next to the cell to speak with him, starting the Fridge Duty quest.

Speak with Langston

Image showing Jesse speaking with Langston.

After talking to Phillip you will get the first objective which is to speak to Langston. Langston can be found at the Panopticon Entrance. Make your way down to Langston and speak to him to have the door to Phillip’s cell opened. You will get a new objective to return to Phillip.

Return to Phillip – 4th Floor

Image showing me entering Phillip's cell.

Make your way back to Phillip’s cell and enter it. As you are entering the fridge will start doing something. This something results in Phillip’s death. This will trigger your next objective to subdue the Refrigerator.

Subdue the Refrigerator

Image showing Jesse about to subdue the Refrigerator.

Attempt to cleanse the Refrigerator to get pulled into an Astral Plane. On this Astral Plane you will face off against a boss named Former.

Boss: Former

Image showing the boss Former.

The boss known as Former is a large insect like creature with a big eye. This big eye is the central point for dealing damage. When the eye flips to shoot its large projectiles your thrown objects deal more damage.Use a mix of shooting and throwing to deal 2/3 damage. Once you’ve done this Former will stop shooting projectiles and will instead slam the ground with its limbs. Avoid this by dodging or elevating out of the way. Keep in mind it will leaves holes on the platforms you can fall to your death through. Focus the eye and you will take Former down in no time. For taking down this beast you will unlock the Astral Phenomena trophy.

Return to Langston

mage showing Jesse returning to Langston.

After you’ve taken down Former you will be prompted to return to Langston. Speak to Langston to finish the quest. You will receive 3 Ability Points and will unlock the Langston’s Runaway’s side mission.

This concludes our Fridge Duty guide. Drop any comments or questions you have into The Pit below. I will try to answer what I can. Thanks for reading!


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