Fortnite Battle Royale – Week 8 Battle Pass Challenges Guide

Thursday is upon us and that means it is time for a new week of Fortnite BR battle pass challenges. The Fortnite Battle Royale week 8 challenges are: visit different taco shops in a single match, search between three boats, and search chests in Snobby Shores. Below you will find our week 8 battle pass challenges guide which will help you easily complete these challenges.

Fortnite Battle Royale: Week 8 Challenges

Before diving into this week challenge guide, let’s first look at all the challenges you need to complete during Week 8 in Fortnite Battle Royale.

  • Use a Vending Machine (0/1) = 5 Battle Stars.
  • Deal damage with Explosive Weapons to opponents (0/500) = 5 Battle Stars.
  • Visit different Taco Shops in a single match (0/3) = 5 Battle Stars.
  • Search Chests in Snobby Shores (0/7) = 5 Battle Stars.
  • Dance of Different Dance Floors (0/3) = 5 Battle Stars.
  • Search between Three Boats (0/1) = 10 Battle Stars.
  • Assault Rifle Kills (0/5) = 10 Battle Stars.
  • Eliminate opponents in Dusty Depot (0/3) = 10 Battle Stars.

As you can see, Week 8’s challenges feature a wide ranging offering of things to do. Some of the challenges are easy (like using a vending machine), while others are more difficult. Below are some tips and tricks to help you complete this week’s challenges to collect those sweet Battle Stars.

Use a Vending Machine (0/1)

Fortnite Battle Royale Vending Machine locations

This challenge is basically a freebie. If you don’t know, Vending Machines are scattered across the island in Fortnite Battle Royale. These machines can be used to trade materials for random rewards (guns/items). To complete this challenge (and earn 5 Battle Stars), simply make your way to a Vending Machine and purchase an item.

Deal Damage With Explosive Weapons to Opponents (0/500)

Deal Damage With Explosive Weapons to Opponents - Fortnite Battle Royale Week 8 Challenges Guide

The next challenge you may want to complete is to deal damage with explosive weapons to opponents. This challenge requires you deal a total of 500 damage to opponents using explosive weapons. Explosive weapons that you can use for this challenge are:

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Guided Missile
  • Remote Explosive
  • Grenade

How you go about completing this is largely up to you, but to complete this challenge, be sure to prioritize explosive weapon pickups whenever they are available.

Visit Different Taco Shops in a Single Match (0/3)

Visit Different Taco Shops in a Single Match - Fortnite Battle Royale Week 8 Challenge

On this map I have highlighted all the locations which have a Taco Shop in them.

This challenge involves visiting three different Taco Shops in a single match. Like the wording of the challenge states, we need to visit taco shops around the map in a single match. This means you need to survive long enough to complete the challenge. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the locations of all taco shops on the Fortnite Battle Royale island. (Video Guides:  Taco Shop Locations; Fastest Route).

  1. Tomato Town: Beside the Pizza Restaurant (North area of town).
  2. Retail Row: In the exact center of Retail Row, you will find the Taco Shop. 
  3. South of Shifty Shafts: Small pit-stop area to the South of Shifty Shafts. Look for the red and white cars nearby.
  4. Tilted Tower: On the West side of Tilted Tower look for an old yellow bus. Beside the bus is the Taco Shop.
  5. West of Tilted Tower: To the West of Tilted Tower you will find a pit stop area. Look for a yellow bus and beside it you will find the Taco Shop. 

To quickly knock this challenge off you will want to stay on the west side of the map and hit 5,4,3 in whatever order you feel will be the easiest. Since many people like to land in Tilted Tower, this is probably not the first of three areas you want to land at first.

Search Chests in Snobby Shores (0/7)

Search through seven chests in Snobby Shores - Week 8 Battle Pass Challenges Guide

You will need to search a total of seven chests in Snobby Shores.

The next challenge we will help you with in this guide is to search chests in Snobby Shores. In this area you need to search a total of seven chests to complete this challenge.

Dance of Different Dance Floors (0/3)

Like the title says, this challenge requires that you dance on three different dance floors across the Fortnite Battle Royale island. These dance floors are hidden throughout the map and can be a bit of a pain to find. The three locations I used are:

  • Old house West of Pleasant Park.
  • Building in Southwest corner of Flush Factory.
  • Barn West of Retail Row.

If you need even more details, check out this guide here.

Search Between Three Boats

The next challenge we will complete is to search between three boats for the hidden star. Since there is only one area on the Fortnite Battle Royale island which features three boats, you are going to want to make your way to Loot Lake. Here you want to land on the island in the middle (with the mansion). Head to the dock on the lower Southeast side of the island. On the dock you will find the Star. (Video Guide: Star Location).

Assault Rifle Elimination (0/5)

Like dealing explosive damage, this challenge is relatively self-explanatory. You want to take out five enemies using Assault Rifle weapons. Weapons that are acceptable for use in this challenge are:

  • M16
  • Scar
  • Burst
  • Scoped

When you land, prioritize grabbing any of the weapons above and get to defeating opponents. Over time you should be able rack up enough assault rifle kills to get this challenge done in no time.

Eliminate Enemies in Dusty Depot (0/3)

Eliminate enemies in Dusty Depot - Week 8 Battle Pass Challenges Guide

One of the Week 8 challenges has players eliminating three enemies in Dusty Depot.

The last challenge you will need to complete is the set of Week 8 challenges is getting three eliminations in Dusty Depot. This is pretty challenge is pretty self-explanatory and simply involves landing in Dusty Depot and eliminating enemies. While this sounds easy enough, you should note that Dusty Depot will be a hotbed of activity for the coming week (as players try to get the challenge done). This means you may want to leave this challenge until later in the week so it isn’t so crazy when you land.

Fortnite Battle Royale is currently available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and iOS devices (with Android coming soon). 

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