The Witcher 3 Forgotten Wolf Armor & Swords

The Forgotten Wolf Armor Set The Witcher 3.

In the The Witcher 3 next-gen update there are a few new additions for players to find. These new additions range from a new quest to new armor sets and weapons. One of the new sets added in the update is the Netflix inspired Forgotten Wolf Armor set and accompanying swords. These are items are tied to completing a new quest in the game. To help you find and claim them here’s a quick Forgotten Wolf armor and swords guide.

Where to Get the Forgotten Wolf Armor and Swords Diagrams (AKA Netflix Armor)?

v 4.00 in the Witcher 3 next-gen update.
Next-gen version details.

To get the Forgotten Wolf armor and it’s accompanying swords you need to first download the next-gen update. This should occur automatically on the console/PC on which you own The Witcher 3. To ensure you have it updated login and you need to see v 4.00 on the start screen. This means you have the next-gen update installed.

Map location of The Devil's Pit in The Witcher 3.
The Devil’s Pit Fast Travel map location.

Once you’ve installed the update the next step is fairly simple. Load your save or advance the story until you gain access to the named location of Devil’s Pit in Velen – No Man’s Land. This location can be fast traveled to (if you have it unlocked). Alternatively you can go to either Mulbrydale or Stonecutter’s Settlement to reach it.

In the Eternal Fire's Shadow quest The Witcher 3.
Starting the In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow quest.

Once you are at the location look for a quest marker along the path. Go to the quest marker and speak to the Eternal Fire Priest to begin the new quest called In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow. This quest tasks you with clearing out the Devil’s Pit mine which contains a mysterious creature. This takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. Upon completion of the quest you receive the different Diagram for the Forgotten Wolf Sword.

You then are prompted to go to Kaer Morhen. Here you must learn more about the diagram by locating a specific note in the castle. This note is in the Great Hall on a bookshelf after climbing up the ladder. Find the note and the rest of the diagrams become available to you.

Forgotten Wolf Armor and Swords Materials Needed

The Forgotten Wolven chest recipe The Witcher 3.
The Forgotten Wolven chest recipe.

After you’ve found all of the diagrams for the set (by completing the Kaer Morhen step) you need to craft the armor and swords. To do this visit any town that has both a Blacksmith and a Armorer. Speak to both merchants to have them craft the following recipes:


Forgotten Wolven Silver Sword2x Leather Straps.
3x Silver Ingot.
Flawless Ruby.
Powdered Monster Tissue.
Forgotten Wolven Steel Sword2x Leather Straps.
2x Steel Ingot.
2x Dark Steel Ingot.
Monster Bone.


Forgotten Wolven Boots2x Hardened Leather.
Meteorite Ore.
3x Thread.
3x Leather Scraps.
Monster Bone.
Forgotten Wolven ArmorShirt.
2x Cured Draconid Leather.
2x Dimetrium Plate.
3x Linen.
Monster Hide.
Forgotten Wolven GauntletsHardened Leather.
Dark Steel Ingot.
4x Leather Straps.
4x Monster Claw.
2x Nails.
Forgotten Wolven Trousers2x Silk.
Meteorite Ore.
3x Hardened Timber.
Monster Heart.
4x Leather Scraps.

Forgotten Wolf Armor Perks and Swords Details

The Forgotten Wolven Armor set is a Medium Armor set. This set is inspired by the armor worn by Henry Cavil in Netflix’s The Witcher tv show. The set has a level requirement of level 20 or higher. It gives Geralt the following stat bonuses when worn:


  • +8% Attack Power.
  • +8% Adrenaline Point gain.
  • +6% Resistance to piercing damage.
  • +12% resistance to slashing damage.
  • +15% Resistance to damage from monsters.
  • +15% Resistance to elemental damage.


  • +6% Aard Sign intensity.
  • +2% Resistance to piercing damage.
  • +4% Resistance to slashing damage.
  • +2% Resistance to damage from monsters.
  • +3% Resistance to elemental damage.


  • +6% Yrden Sign intensity.
  • +2% Resistance to piercing damage.
  • +2% Resistance to bludgeoning damage.
  • +4% Resistance to slashing damage.
  • +2% Resistance to damage from monsters


  • +5% Sign Intensity.
  • +6% Resistance to slashing damage.
  • +7% Resistance to damage from monsters.
  • +15% Resistance to elemental damage.

Alongside the armor pieces there are two swords you can craft . These are the Forgotten Silver and Steel Swords. Both swords require you to be at least level 20 to use. They have bonus stats in critical hit chance & damage, chance to cause bleeding, adrenaline point gain, experience, and sign intensity.

This is not the only armor set you should be interesting in getting in The Witcher 3. The samurai inspired White Tiger of the West set is now available. Additionally you can grab the Grandmaster sets: Ursine, Feline, and Griffin using our guides.

Thoughts on our Forgotten Wolf Armor & Swords guide for The Witcher 3? Drop them in the comments below.



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