Feathers Locations in Destiny 2

In the exotic quest-line to get the Hawkmoon there is a mission called As the Crow Flies. This mission tasks players with finding a total of 5 feathers that are hidden throughout the different destinations of Destiny 2. These 5 feathers must be collected and given to the Crow to complete this exotic quest. To help you find these collectibles use our feathers locations guide below.

Feather 1: Outside Spider’s Lair

Image showing where to find the feather outside of Spider's Lair.

The first feather you need to find can be found just outside of the Spider’s lair. Make your way back to the very entrance so you are outside the tunnels that lead to the Spider’s lair. Where you turn to the right you to enter the tunnels you will find the feather on top of a console.

Feather 2: Overlooking Hallowed Grove LS on EDZ

Image showing the Feather on EDZ Overlooking Hallowed Grove LS.

The second feather can be found on the EDZ. Head to the The Sludge landing zone and go to the west until you reach the second old-factory building. Head to the north end of this building so you are overlooking the Hallowed Grove Lost Sector. On the platform there you will find the feather.

Feather 3: The Steppes Landing Zone on Cosmodrome

Image showing the Feather on Cosmodrome The Steppes Landing Zone.

Leave the EDZ and head to the Cosmodrome destination. Land at The Steppes. When you spawn onto the planet you will be in a destroyed area. On the pillar directly in-front of you is the feather. Jump up to it and collect it.

Feather 4: By Gate to Blind Well on Dreaming City

Image showing the Feather on Dreaming City By Gate to Blind Well.

From the EDZ make your way to the Dreaming City destination. Land at the Divalian Mists Landing Zone and head to the northeast so you reach the large gate. Don’t go through the gate instead jump to the little ledge on the left to find this feather sitting there.

Feather 5: Shrine of Oryx, the Fanatic Boss Room on the Moon

Image showing the Feather on The Moon in Shrine of Oryx, the Fanatic Boss Room.

The last feather we need to find is located on the Moon destination in the Oryx, the Fanatic Boss Room. To reach this room make your way to the Archer’s Line area and access the shrine entrance there that leads to the Hall of Wisdom. Head through the Hall of Wisdom to reach the Shrine of Oryx area. Make your way to the boss room of this area and grab the feather that is near the Helium Coils (shown above).

Return to Spider

Once you’ve collected all of the feathers mentioned above, head back to the Tangled Shore and visit the Crow. Speak to the NPC to hand in the As The Crow Flies exotic mission. Completing this mission will unlock the Migratory Patterns Triumph. Once this mission is complete it is time to move onto the next exotic mission in this storyline called Let Loose Thy Talons.

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