Explosion Hazard Live Event Guide – Far Cry 5

Explosion Hazard Live Event Guide

Far Cry 5‘s newest Live Event is titled Explosion Hazard and it involves explosions (as you might have guessed). This week’s challenge has you triggering indirect explosions to get kills. So what exactly is the easiest way to complete this Live Event? Have a look at our Explosion Hazard Live Event guide below.

Explosion Hazard Live Event Progression

Every Live Event features both Personal and Community Progression for each unlock. Reaching certain milestones of progression will unlock you different loot. Here are the milestones and loot for this week’s Explosion Hazard Live Event:

Personal Progression:

  • 3 Kills = 50 Silver Bars
  • 6 Kills = Kaumbat H-158 “Senator”

Community Progression (PC):

  • 150K Kills = 50 Silver Bars
  • 300K Kills = Adelaide Outfit

The instructions for the Explosion Hazard Live Event are as follows, “Boom boom! Time to blow up some cultists or the local predators. Let’s make it interesting – indirect explosion only! Barrels, vehicles, and other objects will help!”

How to Complete the Explosion Hazard Live Event

Now that we know exactly what we need to do to complete this challenge, let’s get out there and do it. Since kills with indirect explosions are the only thing that counts, we need to focus on barrels and other explosive items when taking on cultists.

To easily do this challenge, make your way to the Drubman Marina (must be an activate Outpost). Head to the Southside wooded area which gives you a view of the docks. Look at the docks and you should see two cultists standing beside a fuel pump. Shoot the fuel pump. Die so the Outpost resets. Rinse and repeat until the challenge is complete.

Access Loot

After you’ve blown up six cultists inadvertently (and the community has blown up 300k), you will receive some new loot to use in Far Cry 5. This new loot comes in the form of a new helicopter called the Kaumbat H-158 “Senator”, and the Adelaide outfit. To access each piece of loot, follow the steps below.

  • Kaumbat H-158 “Senator” (Helicopter) – Make your way to the nearest Helicopter Shop and access it. Access the Helicopters menu and scroll to the bottom to find the Kaumbat H-158 “Senator”. This helicopter has vote for Hurk stickers plastered on it along with an American flag.
  • Adelaide Outfit – The Adelaide outfit (when unlocked) is accessible from the Character Customization menu. Select Character Customization and choose Special Outfit. This outfit makes you look like the character Adelaide Drubman.

This week’s event is fairly simple to complete, but doesn’t really deliver any good loot. Yet another week of mediocre rewards from Far Cry 5. #FeelsBadMan.

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