Enter, Pursued by a Memory Guide – Red Dead Redemption 2

Enter, Pursued by a Memory is the second story mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. In this mission you are tasked with saving John Marston who went out on a scouting trip and has been missing from camp for a few days. To help you complete this story mission, use our Enter, Pursued by a Memory guide below.

Enter, Pursued by a Memory Mission Checklist (2)

  1. Kill all the wolves without taking any damage.
  2. Complete with at least 80% accuracy.

Follow Javier

When the mission starts you will ride out of camp with Javier. Javier finds an old camp and begins tracking. Follow Javier on horseback during this sequence. Eventually you will reach the dead body of John’s horse. At this point, Javier will fire a shot and you will hear a response. You will then proceed on foot, but first you need to grab the Sawed Off Shotgun from your horse using L1. Once you have the weapon equipped follow Javier until you reach John.

Rescuing John

Upon reaching John you will see that he is in pretty rough shape. Arthur will pick him up and walk him back towards the horses. When this happens three of wolves appear. Arthur will take out the wolves while Javier loads John on the horses. Once you’ve taken out the wolves, mount up on your horse. Javier, you, and John will ride down the mountain. As you ride down you will get attacked by two more groups of wolves. Take them out and then ride back to camp. This completes the Enter, Pursued by a Memory mission. You will unlock the Just a Scratch achievement.

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