Elden Ring White-Faced Varre Quest Guide

The first NPC you meet in Elden Ring White-Faced Varre. While this NPC seems to be fairly pointless when you speak to him, he actually has a questline you can complete. To complete this questline use our Elden Ring White-Face Varre quest guide below.

Where to Find White-Faced Varre (Location 1)

The first location you can find White-Face Varre is The First Step Site of Grace in Limgrave. At this location you can speak to the NPC. He won’t do anything until you’ve defeat Godrick the Grafted in Stormveil Castle. Once you’ve done this return and speak to him. He tells you to visit the Roundtable Hold and speak to Two-Fingers. Do this and he will move to his next location.

Where to Find White-Faced Varre (Location 2)

Varre moves to the Rose Church to the northwest of the Boilprawn Shack in Liurnia. Go to this location and look for Varre at the northeastern entrance to the church. Speak to Varre and tell him that Two Fingers seemed off. Varre will give you the Festering Bloody Finger. This begins his questline.

Invade Other Players with the Festering Bloody Finger

Image showing the Festering Bloody Finger in Elden Ring.

Varre is a member of the Bloody Lord. This group is all about bathing in the blood of others. Before he invites you to join his group you need to first prove your worth. To do this use the Festering Bloody Fingers to invade other players three times. Once you’ve done this return and speak to Varre and he will ask you to join the Bloody Lord.

Where to Take the Lord of Blood’s Favor

When you agree to be anointed Varre gives you the Lord of Blood’s Favor item. This item must be soaked in the blood of a maiden. The closest method for this is the Church of Inhibition in the northeast of Liurnia. Go to this location (by traveling through the Frenzied Flame Village). Inside the ruins approach the maiden sitting near the Site of Grace. You will be prompted to dye the Lord of Blood’s Favor. Do this now.

Image showing offering finger to White-Faced Varre in Elden Ring.

Take the Dyed Lord of Blood’s Favor back to Varre at the Rose Church. He asks that you offer your finger to him. Do this and you will receive the Bloody Finger. Speak to him again to receive the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. Using the Pureblood Knight’s Medal warps you to Mohgwyn Palace.

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