Elden Ring War Surgeon Armor Location Guide

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In Elden Ring, acquiring the perfect armor set proves invaluable for players looking to create potent builds. The War Surgeon set, especially beneficial for bleed-focused builds, stands out. Notably, its helmet grants a +10% damage boost to the player for 20 seconds following blood loss infliction. To discover how to obtain the Elden Ring War Surgeon armor set, refer to our guide below.

Important: If you kill Mohg, Lord of Blood before fighting the invaders, they will not appear in your game. You will need to do it in NG+ or trade for the set with someone.

War Surgeon Armor Set Location

Image showing the map locations of the three Nameless White Mask invaders in Mohgwyn Palace.
Three invaders will appear at these locations.

To find the War Surgeon armor set you need to go to the the secret location called the Mohgwyn Palace in the underground region of the Siofra River. Once you reach this location you need to find a trio of invaders. The Nameless White Masks are the invading enemies. They’ll individually assault you at specific points within an area located northwest of the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace, as indicated on the map above. Exercise caution before heading there, as you’ll encounter formidable adversaries.

NPC Weartin the War Surgeon Armor Set

Image showing the Nameless White Mask Invaders in Elden Ring.
Defeat the invading NPC wearing the War Surgeon armor set.

Once at the area above, go around and fight the three different invading NPCs. Defeat all three of these invading NPCs to receive the complete War Surgeon armor set. This set consists of a total of four pieces that players can equip on their character:

  • Mask.
  • Gown.
  • Gloves.
  • Trousers.

The main piece of the set you want to have in your inventory is the White Mask. This mask gives a very good buff to players running blood loss builds. The mask is unique and says the following when inspected:

Bloodstained, faintly grinning white mask. Worn by war surgeons who were effectively mercy killers. The Lord of Blood’s curse enlivens the wearer when bloodletting occurs. Slightly raises attack power when there is blood loss nearby.

War Surgeon Mask description.

The War Surgeon set has its own description. This description hints at White-Faced Varre who is an NPC you meet early on in your playthrough of Elden Ring.

Of the surgeons that were abducted by the Lord of Blood, none were able to tame the accursed blood. None but Varre, that is; though he was an exception.

War Surgeon Gown, Gloves, and Trousers description.

After obtaining the set, it’s added to your inventory for you to equip. The set itself looks pretty good and is light, so you can wear it and be a light load if that’s the build you are going for.

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