Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Queelign Quest Guide

Fire Knight Qeelign first invasion.

Fire Knight Queelign is a mysterious NPC in Shadow of the Erdtree, whose questline intertwines with the main story. Throughout the game, this character will invade your world several times, each time dropping unique items when defeated. Understanding these invasions and the character’s role is crucial to progressing his questline. For detailed steps on completing Fire Knight Queelign’s questline, refer to our Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Fire Knight Queelign quest guide below.

Step 1: Defeat Fire Knight Queelign in the Belurat, Tower Settlement

Map location of the first Fire Knight Queelign invasion.
The first invasion occurs in this courtyard in the Belurat, Tower Settlement.

Fire Knight Queelign first appears as an invader in the Belurat, Tower Settlement. To reach him start at the Small Private Altar Site of Grace. Head north from the room and climb the stairs. Continue northeast until you reach a spacious courtyard. In this area, he will initiate his invasion. Defeat him to receive the Crusade Insignia.

Step 2: Defeat Fire Knight Qeelign in the Church of the Crusade

Church of the Crusade map location.
The second location Qeelign invades is in the Church of the Crusade.

You’ll encounter Queelign again in Scadu Altus. Make your way to the Church of the Crusade and enter it. Inside, he will invade your world once more. Overcome him in battle to earn the Ash of War: Flame Skewer and the Prayer Room Key.

Step 3: Give Fire Knight Qeelign the Iris of Grace or the Iris of Occultation

Once you’ve acquired the Prayer Room Key you can complete Qeelign’s questline. To do this journey to the flooded Church District in the Shadow Keep via the path through Moroth Ruins. Navigate across rooftops in this submerged area until you reach the roof of the central church.

On the church roof, locate a hole and drop down through it. Proceed to the northeast corner of the church where you’ll find the locked Prayer Room. Use the Prayer Room Key to unlock the door and enter.

Inside the Prayer Room, you’ll find Qeelign lying on the ground. Approach him and speak to him. Qeelign is blind and requires an item to regain his sight. You can provide either the Iris of Grace or the Iris of Occultation at this point.

Warning: You can only get one of the rewards from Qeelign per playthrough.

The choice of iris determines the reward you receive from this quest. These items are also used in the Count Ymir & Jolán questline, so you may wish to check out those quests rewards before deciding.

Iris of Grace Location & Reward

To find a Iris of Grace, travel to the Shadow Keep and reach the Storehouse, First Floor Site of Grace. From here, go west and head down using the elevator. Continue forward until you reach a large room with living jars. In this room there is an altar with the eye on it.

Once you’ve gotten this item you can give it to Fire Knight Qeelign. Giving Fire Knight Qeelign the Iris of Grace will reward you with the Fire Knight Queelign Ashen Spirits.

Iris of Occultation Location & Reward

To obtain an Iris of Occultation, travel to the Fort of Reprimand. Upon entering the fort’s courtyard, head northeast and descend into the nearby hole. Proceed into the basement where you’ll encounter a dual-wielding enemy. Defeat this enemy to acquire the eye.

Alternatively, there are two other Iris of Occultations located in the Realm of Shadows. One can be obtained from a Tree Spirit enemy on the ground level of the Church District after draining it. The second can be found in the tunnel leading to the Scadutree Base.

Once you’ve obtained the Iris of Occultation, you can give it to Qeelign. Offering Qeelign the Iris of Occultation will reward you with the Queelign’s Greatsword weapon.

Upon giving Queelign an Iris, you will either restore his vision (Grace) or keep him blind (Occultation). After this, he will disappear, and you will receive your reward. This marks the end of his questline.

Fire Knight Queelign is one of the many intriguing characters in the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. For more character quest guides, visit our character questline page.

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