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In Elden Ring there is an NPC named Dung Eater. This NPC is fairly mysterious and resides inside of the Roundtable Hold. While it appears this NPC doesn’t have a questline, he actually does. To learn how to complete this quest use our Elden Ring Dung Eater quest guide below.

Where to Find Dung Eater (Location 1)

Dung Eater can be found in the Roundtable Hold in the room at the end of the hallway by the Twin Maiden Husks. He will speak to you, but no progress will be made with this character until you acquire a Seedbed Curse (video guide). There are a number of these you can find. The easiest is in Leyndell, Royal Capital. Go to the alternate Roundtable Hold and grab it off the corpse in Dung Eater’s room upstairs.

Where to Find Dung Eater in the Sewer (Location 2)

Once you have one of the Seedbed Curse items, take it to Dung Eater. Give him the item and he will give you the Sewer-Gaol Key. This key opens a locked door in the sewers below the capital. You can visit this location at anytime before the game’s ending. There are two methods to do this found below.

How to Get to the Sewer in Capital City

Once you reach the Leyndell, Capital City in walls you can go to the sewers (as pointed out in the comments below). To do this make your way through the city until you reach the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace in the middle of the city. From this Site of Grace head down the stairs leading northwest. Go through the double doors and take a left. Run along the railing to the dragon tail then jump over the railing to reach a well. Go down the well. Open the cage door and follow the path forward to arrive in the sewers.

How to Get to the Sewer in Capital of Ash

If you didn’t visit the sewer while the city was normal, fear not. After advancing the main story, an event occurs which covers the city in ash. This turns the city into Leyndell, Capital of Ash. From the Leyndell, Capital of Ash Site of Grace head south until you find an open sewer cover in the street. Carefully drop down the hole using the different platforms. At the bottom you will be in the sewers of Leyndell.

Sewer-Gaol Key Locked Door Location

Both of the above methods of getting to the sewers brings you to the same hallway. This hallway is where we need to be to reach the locked door that is opened by the key. Head northeast in the hallway. Go in the first open door on your left to find the Underground Roadside Site of Grace. Leave this room and continue heading northeast until you see a hole in some grating. Drop down this hole and head through the tunnel going northwest. Follow the tunnel around the corner, past the plants, until you reach the end. Climb the ladder.

In this room you will see a locked door around the corner on the far side. This door can be opened using the Sewer-Gaol Key. Inside this the locked room is the Dung Eater. Befoer advancing this point ensure you have advanced the Blackguard Big Boggart NPC quest if you want to see that come to an end.

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When ready to advance the quest speak to him to be given a choice: say nothing or leave your gaol. Choose leave your gaol to get the NPC to leave. Go back to the Roundtable hold and head into the Dung Eater’s room. You will find a message saying “I’ll defile you next. Come to the outer moat.” which tells us the next location.

Where to Find Dung Eater (Location 3)

The outer moat can be found just outside of the Capital City near the Capital Rampart Site of Grace. Head to the map location shown above and you will be there. Once you are at this location you will have a few options depending on what you’ve done so far:

  1. No Blackguard: Dung Eater invades and attacks you.
  2. Blackguard: Speak to this NPC. Dung Eater has wounded him. Exhaust dialogue and Dung Eater will invade. Defeat him.

After you defeat Dung Eater in either scenario, return to him in the Roundtable Hold. Speak to him and he will tell you what to do for the next section of the quest.

Give Dung Eater’s Body Seedbed Curse

Your challenge now is to collect more Seedbed Curse. You want to acquire a total of five Seedbeds. Once you’ve acquired the five go back into the sewer and go to the room where you encountered Dung Eater. You will find him tied up to a chair. Speak to him and administer the Seedbed Curses to him. He will give you the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse. Reload the area then return to his body to get the Omen Set.

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