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Boc is an NPC in Elden Ring that players can encounter while they are exploring the world. This character is located in the Limgrave region near the start of the game. To start this character’s questline you need to find and speak to them. To complete this questline use our Elden Ring Boc quest guide below.

Where to Find Boc (Location 1)

To find Boc the first time to begin his questline make your way to the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace in Limegrave (east of Gatefront). Head to the east of the Site of Grace and you will see some trees with sheep milling around them. The small brown bush shown on the screenshot above is what we are interested in. Roll into or hit the bush to reveal Boc. Speak to him and he gives you a Mushroom. Continue talking to learn that he lost his gear inside a cave on the coast.

Retrieve Boc’s Sewing Needle from the Coastal Cave

We need to retrieve Boc’s gear from the Coastal Cave. This dungeon is located along the west coast of Limgrave, on the beach. Head to the dungeon and you will encounter Boc next to the Site of Grace. Speak to him. After you’ve spoken to Boc clear the dungeon and defeat the two Demi-Human bosses at the end. You receive the Sewing Needle and Tailoring Tools for defeating the bosses. Return the Sewing Needle to Boc at the beginning of the cave.

Where to Find Boc (Location 2)

Giving Boc the Sewing Needle reinvigorates him and he decides he wants to become a seamstress like his mother. This causes Boc to move further north into the Liurnia region. You will find him at the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. Speak to him at this location and he will offer his tailoring services to you. The benefit of using Boc as opposed to doing it yourself is that he does it free of charge for you (saves 500 Runes per article of clothing).

Get Boc the Gold Sewing Needle

Before you head off to the next Boc location I recommend grabbing the Gold Sewing Needle. This is the item he requests from you in the next location. Since you are in Liurnia already it makes sense to run and grab it. The Gold Sewing Needle is located in the Church of Vows. You can get to this location by either riding to it or by using the teleporter inside of the Raya Lucaria Academy. Inside the church open the treasure chest to find the Gold Sewing Needle.

Where to Find Boc (Location 3)

As you advance through the main storyline you will eventually reach Leyndell, Royal Capital. Your faithful tailor will follow you there, setting up shop at the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace in the Royal Capital. Go to this location and you will find him in the west side of the room. When you speak to him choose the talk options. Give him the Gold Sewing Needle when prompted.

After you give him the Gold Sewing Needle you open up a few other dialogue choices. Allow him to call you lord to receive the My Lord gesture. Exhaust the other talking options then give him a Larval Tear (see Alternative Choice below before deciding) when prompted to advance the questline further. If you want him to stay, tell him to wait. If not rest at the Site of Grace and he will disappear.

Alternative Choice: If you use the Prattling Pate You’re Beautiful (found in Hermit Village on Mt. Gelmir) Boc comments on it being his mother’s voice. You can then tell him that you agree with his mother that he is beautiful. This removes the choice of giving him a Larval Tear and could possibly extend his questline.

Where to Find Boc (Location 4)

Image showing Boc reborn in Elden Ring.

If you gave Boc the Larval Tear and let him leave you, he will go to the final quest location in the Grand Library of Raya Lucaria. This location is a boss arena, so you will need to defeat Rennala here to gain access to it. Once you have access to this location go to it. You will find Boc there. He has been reborn (turned back into a human). Rest at the Site of Grace and he will die.

That ends the Boc questline in Elden Ring. This is just one of many NPC quests players can complete in the game. Like this quest, not all of the questlines have a happy ending.

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