Dying Light 2 Egg-Splosive Event

Dying Light 2 Egg-Splosive Event art.

The Dying Light 2 Egg-Splosive weekend event is now live in the game. As the name of this event suggests, players can earn rewards by finding explosives eggs and using them on enemies in the game. This event appears to be a sort of Easter celebration which is similar to the event held back in Dying Light. To learn more about the Dying Light 2 Egg-Splosive Event and how to take part in is, see our guide below.

UPDATE: This event is no longer active. The next special event was Viral Rush.

How long is the Dying Light 2 Egg-Splosive Event?

Before we dive right into the gameplay details about the Egg-Splosive event it is important to know how long the event is running for. The Egg-Splosive event runs from March 21-28 at 4 pm CET. While the event is active players have a chance to earn a variety of rewards by hitting personal and community milestones.

Egg-Splosives Weekend Event Challenges & Rewards

Dying Light 2 Egg-Splosive Event rewards.
Event rewards via Techland.

The Egg-Splosive week event is free for players to participate in. While the event is active players must complete specific goals in-game to earn rewards. The goals for this event are centered around finding and using the explosives eggs active while the event is running.

The special explosives eggs are located in things like car trunks, busses, and infected. When you loot these special throwables they are added to your inventory. Once they are in your inventory you can throw them at enemies to cause an explosion. Do this to complete the following challenges:

Kill 1 enemy using Egg-Splosive ThrowablesHarper’s Token
Kill 123 enemy using Egg-Splosive ThrowablesEgg-ceptional Charm
Kill 400 enemy using Egg-Splosive ThrowablesRooster Suit + Chicken Wing
Community: Kill 15,000,000 enemy using Egg-Splosive ThrowablesChicken Claw (Weapon)

You can track your objective progress through the Chapters tab when you press start. You will see a Community Event tile on the left side of the screen under Active Bounties. Here you can see both how you are doing individually and how the community is doing. Additionally progress will appear on your HUD when you gain progress on an event challenge.

The participation and personal objective rewards appear in your in-game stash upon completing those objectives. The community reward (when it is unlocked) must be claimed through the TechlandGG website from the Events tab. Be sure you have an account and have linked it to your gaming platform for it to work.

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