Dragon’s Dogma 2 Pre-Order and Edition Bonuses Revealed

A screenshot from Dragon's Dogma 2.

Dragon’s Dogma 2, the upcoming sequel to Dragon’s Dogma, is slated to release on March 21, 2024. Ahead of its release date Capcom has revealed the various pre-order and edition bonuses that players can expect with their purchase. To learn more about the Dragon’s Dogma 2 pre-order and edition bonuses, consult our guide below.

Pre-Orde Bonus Weapons

The Dragon's Dogma 2 pre-order bonus items.
The pre-order bonus is a set of four weapons.

Players that pre-order the Standard Edition of Dragon’s Dogma 2 receive the following items:

  • Superior Weapons Quartet
    • Set of four weapons (one for each class)
    • Is “a boon in early battles”

Deluxe Edition Pre-Orde Bonus Weapons & Ring

The Dragon's Dogma 2 Deluxe Edition pre-order bonus items.
The Deluxe Edition pre-order bonuses are a set of four weapons and a ring.

Players that pre-order the Deluxe Edition of Dragon’s Dogma 2 receive the following items:

  • Superior Weapons Quartet
  • Ring of Assurance

Deluxe Edition Bonus Items

The Deluxe Edition items.

Players that opt to purchase the higher priced Dragon’s Dogma 2 Deluxe Edition receive a number of additional in-game items alongside the game itself. These items come in the form of a pack called the “A Boon for Adventurers – New Journey Pack” which includes the following:

  • Explorer’s Camping Kit – Camping Gear
  • Dragon’s Dogma Music & Sound Collection – Custom Sounds
  • Harpysnare Smoke Beacons – Harpy Lure Item
  • Heartfelt Pendant – A Thoughtful Gift
  • Ambivalent Rift Incense – Change Pawn Inclinations
  • Makeshift Gaol Key – Escape from gaol!
  • Art of Metamorphosis – Character Editor
  • Wakestone – Restore the dead to life! (A)
  • 1500 Rift Crystals – Points to Spend Beyond the Rift

These are all of the Dragon’s Dogma 2 pre-order and edition bonuses that have been revealed so far. If more editions and bonuses are added I will update this article accordingly.

The livestream event that occurred early today also showed an interesting look at the game’s Talos enemy. This hulking enemy requires players to use a variety of tools to takedown. Check out the Talos fight for a closer look.

Which of the Dragon’s Dogma 2 pre-order and edition bonuses do you think are the best? Let me know in the comments below.



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