The Division 2 Downtown East SHD Tech Cache Locations

In The Division 2 there is a new perks system which allows you to buy agent upgrades. These upgrades impact things like inventory size and other things. To purchase perks you need to collect them. This guide will show you the Downtown East SHD tech cache locations.

Downtown East SHD Tech Cache Locations Map

Downtown East SHD Tech Cache Locations

There are total of 8 SHD Tech Caches to be found in the Downtown East area of The Division 2. Consult the map above to find the number and check for more detail below on each location.

Note: To have the SHDs marked on your map, access the Safe House and interact with the computer there. This will mark points of interest on your map.

1. Behind Locked Gate

Head to location one and look fro a locked barbwire fence with a gate. Shoot the lock on the gate to get to the SHD Tech Cache and some other goodies.

2. Side Mission: Empire Autumn Hotel

2. Side Mission Empire Autumn Hotel
Inside the hotel is an SHD cache on a table.

This side mission rewards 5x SHD Tech so it is well worth doing. Go to the mission start then make your way inside the hotel (shoot the lock to get in). Head deeper until you reach a closed elevator shaft. Open the shaft and go down. You will enter a large room. On a table in this room is the SHD. Once you pick it up you need to survive a Hyena raid then fight your way out.

3. Old Vendor Stall

3. Old Vendor Stall
You will find the third SHD inside an old vendor stall.

If you head to location three you will find the SHD Cache inside an old vendor stall (there are a number of shirts nearby).

4. On Rooftop

4. On Rooftop
You will find the fourth SHD cache by a raised planter on a roof.

This next SHD Tech Cache can be found relatively close to number three. Head to the activity nearby where you need to clear out the Hyenas to get a key. In this area there are two ladders leading up to the rooftop above. Up the second ladder you will find the SHD on the ground next to a raised planter.

5. Behind Locked Gate

5. Behind Locked Gate
Like location one you need to shoot the lock to get at this SHD.

Number five is actually fairly close to the Final Epiphany Safe House. Make your way to the spot located on the map above and look for a closed//locked gate. Shoot the lock to enter and grab the SHD.

6. Building Hallway

6. Building Hallway
Inside the building walk down the hallway to find the cache.

Head to location six and you will see a large grey apartment building with a couple loading docks on the ground floor. Go inside the building by the entrance near the red car. Walk down the hallway until you reach the SHD Cache.

7. In Courtyard of Art Building

7. In Courtyard of Art Building
In the courtyard of the art building is a cache.

Make your way into the courtyard of the art building at location seven. Along the wall by a pillar is the SHD (look for a red present nearby).

8. In Construction Site

8. In Construction Site
Located in the construction site you will find the cache.

The last SHD can be found in a construction site at location eight. Look for a broken down front end loader and piles of garbage. The SHD cache is nearby.

That’s all the Downtown East SHD Tech Cache locations. Use these to buy Perks and trick out your Agent to be more useful in and out of battle.

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