Diamond Key: How to Get, What to Do With Them – Borderlands 3

In the newly released season pass for Borderlands 3 there is a new type of key called the Diamond Key. When received this key allows players to open a new chest called the Diamond Chest. If this all sounds a bit confusing I’m here to help make things a bit more clear. Below I will explain how to get Diamond Key and what to do with them.

How to Get Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3

Image showing the Diamond Key in Borderlands 3.

Diamond Keys come from the newly added Vault Card system that has been added into the game. The Vault Card is a special season that features special daily and weekly challenges players can complete to earn XP. This XP counts towards your Vault Card level. Each time you reach a new Vault Card level you can open a special chest. These special chests contain a variety of items including the rare Diamond Key. Getting Diamond Keys to drop comes down to RNG, so open as many Vault Card chests as you can.

What to Do with Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3

Image showing What to Do with Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3.

Once you acquire a Diamond Key you can open a special Diamond Chest on Sanctuary III. This special chest is under the Bridge. Make your way to the room underneath and you will find a podium you can interact with. For the price of 1x Diamond Key you can trigger three special cases to open containing Shields, Weapons, and Grenade Mods. From these collections of items you can pick one of each (you have 5 minutes to make your choices). Upon making your selections a guaranteed legendary will appear on the pedestal for you to grab as well.

That’s all you need to know about Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3. This new reward system makes it possible to get a ton of new items for your collection. These items range in rarity and power, so choose wisely.

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