Devil May Cry 5 Mission 09 Collectibles Locations

After facing off with the Demon King, you will take control of V in Mission 09. During this mission you can grab a few collectibles along the way. This guide will show you the locations of the Mission 09 collectibles.

Mission 09 Collectibles

  • 3x Blue Orb Fragments.
  • 1x Purple Orb Fragment.

All the locations of the above collectibles are highlighted in more detail below.

Blue Orb Fragment 1: Room Closed Off by Vines

You will need to summon Nightmare to get inside this room.

Make your way through the level until your reach the first fight with a knight. Take out the knight then follow the left wall until you find an opening covered by vines. Walk up to the vines and summon Nightmare. The Nightmare will destroy the blood vein keeping the vines alive. Go inside and collect the Blue Orb Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment 2: Complete Secret Mission

Mission 09 Collectibles Locations
Beat the Secret Mission to get the Blue Orb Fragment.

In the same room as Blue Orb Fragment 1 there is a Secret Mission. Head to the platform on the opposite wall of the entrance and look down towards the entrance to access it. Complete the mission to earn a Blue Orb Fragment.

Purple Orb Fragment 1: Behind Wooden Gate (Need Nightmare)

Summon Nightmare to have it break the gate here.

Continue through the level until you reach the Catacombs area. Take out the enemies in the first hallway and then enter the room that opens. Inside this room there is a hole in the floor. Go down the hole and take out the enemies. Activate Nightmare to have it break the gate here. Inside the area Nightmare gives you access to is a brief combat challenge. Take out the enemies to get the Purple Orb Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment 3: Stone Ledge

Blue Orb Fragment 3 Stone Ledge
Jump up the rocks pictured here to reach the last Blue Orb Fragment.

To get the final Blue Orb Fragment leave the room we entered to get the Purple Orb Fragment and head to the left. There is a door here leading outside. Directly through the door are some stones on the cliff face. Jump to the stones and go up them to reach the Blue Orb Fragment.

That’s all the collectibles to find in Mission 09. Keep it locked on our Devil May Cry 5 collectibles guide to find all the orbs you need in the game.

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