Devil May Cry 5 Mission 08 Collectibles Locations

After completing Mission 06/07 you will start Mission 08. Unlike both of those missions, this mission has collectibles for you to find. This guide will show you the Mission 08 collectibles locations.

Mission 08 Collectibles List:

  • 3x Blue Orb Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment 1: Ledge Above Pit

Blue Orb Fragment 1 Ledge Above Pit
Use double jump and then Gerbera dash to reach this Blue Orb Fragment.

Make your way through the level until you reach the Divinity Statue. Stop at the Divinity Statue and buy a Gerbera, Walk past the Divinity Statue and head down the path. Use a combination of Gerbera spam and Double Jump to reach the Blue Orb Fragment across the pit. If you fall press start and select Checkpoint to try again.

Blue Orb Fragment 2: Complete Secret Mission

Continue through the level until you reach the second lava lift (where the platforms go up the lava). Ride up the platform about halfway and jump to the ledge on your right (there’s some grass on it). Use your grapple to reach higher then drop into the large open area with the two Red Orb trees. Stand on the red dot in the middle of the room and back towards the entrance to access the Secret Mission. Beat the Secret Mission to get the Blue Orb Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment 3: Before Bloodstream Elevator on Main Path

Blue Orb Fragment 3 Before Bloodstream Elevator on Main Path
When you destroy the tentacle the Blue Orb Fragment will appear.

After clearing the Secret Mission, return to the main path and make your way to the Bloodstream elevator. Don’t take the elevator right away, instead go behind it and kill the tentacle there to get the Blue Orb Fragment to appear in front of the elevator.

That’s all the collectibles in Mission 08 of Devil May Cry 5. Find more collectibles for other levels using our collectibles guide.

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