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Once you complete the Banshee-44 quest called Armor Synthesis Introduction you will need to complete a second quest for Ada. This second quest tasks you with gathering material to begin to use the Armor Synthesis system. To help you complete this quest we’ve put together this Destiny 2 Tying it All Together guide. Check it out below.

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Acquire the Tying it All Together Quest from Ada on the Tower

Upon completing the Armor Synthesis Introduction you will need to speak to Ada a second time. This will give you access to a second quest called Tying it All Together. This quest is a 9 step quest you need to complete to learn about using the Loom to create your own armor ornaments. When ready acquire the quest from Ada to begin then accept the Synthweave Strap from her.

Use Synthweave Strap to Create an Ornament from a Legendary

Once you receive the material from Ada the next step is to make an Ornament using a piece of Legendary gear you have. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Open the Appearance Subscreen (where you equip emotes/vehicles/ships).
  2. Press Details on the Appearance Customization option.
  3. Select Armor piece you wish to apply Ornament to.
  4. Unlock Armor Ornament for piece you wish to change look of.

You don’t have to apply the armor ornament you create. You simply need to make one from a Legendary. Once you’ve made an Ornament speak to Ada again for the third step and take the Large Spool of Synthstrand from her.

Purchase Bounty from Ada and Complete it

Image showing an Ada bounty in Destiny 2.

When you receive the Large Spool of Synthstrand you will trigger the fourth quest step which is to purchase a bounty from Ada. This is fairly straightforward to do. Use the Large Spool of Synthstrand to purchase 1x Bounty from Ada’s Bounty selection. Choose whichever bounty you feel like completing. The next quest step is to complete the Bounty you selected, so do that now. Once the Bounty is completed claim its rewards to get the next step.

Use the Loom to Convert Synthcord into Synthweave

Go back to the Loom on the Tower and use it. When you approach the Loom press and hold the button prompted to deposit 100 Sleek Synthchord. Doing this gives you Synthweave. After you get the Synthweave go and speak to Ada.

Harvest Synthstrand to Purchase Another Bounty

Ada is happy with the results you are getting, but needs you to harvest more Synthstrand. To gather this material you will basically need to defeat enemies across the different planets. These enemies have a chance to drop Synthstrand on kill so get out there and starting killing them. You need to collect a total of 150 Pieces to complete this quest step. It is a bit of a grind to gather this material.

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