Destiny 2: Shadowkeep How to Start Xenophage Exotic Quest

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On the Moon there is an Exotic Quest for the Xenophage. This new Exotic Weapon is less straightforward to get than previous Exotics on the Moon. To help you find the Exotic Quest we’ve thrown together a quick how to start Xenophage exotic quest guide you can find below.

Reaching Enduring Abyss

To start you want to make your way to the area you meet Eris Morn overlooking the Pyramid. This area is in Enduring Abyss which can be accessed through a Memory portal, or by travelling through Sorrow’s Harbor to the Scarlet Keep. The portal way is rather straightforward, but requires having a Memory quest to turn in.

Image showing where to find the entrance to the Enduring Abyss.

If you don’t have a Memory quest to turn in, fast travel to Sorrow’s Harbor and make your way inside the Scarlet Keep (located in the north). Inside the keep head forward until you see some glowing green rocks. Take a left here and head forward through the hallway.

Image showing where to jump to reach the overlook.

As you walk through the hallway you will reach a new area called Enduring Abyss. After the text for this area walk forward until you need to drop down. Don’t drop down. Instead look along the right wall for a hole. Jump to the hole then walk through the corridor to reach the area overlooking the Pyramid.

Interact With the Four Statues

Image showing the four statues and chest containing the Exotic Quest.

In the area overlooking the Pyramid you will find four statues. Go up to each statue and interact with it (“emerge from the dark”). Once you’ve done this with all four statues a chest will appear. Interact with the chest to receive the quest step Emergence, which is part of The Journey Exotic Quest.

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