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Destiny 2‘s newest season is now underway. Like previous seasons this new season features a number of new additions for players to explore. These new additions include new items, and new quests to complete. The first quest you are able to play is called Raising Our Defenses. Use our Raising Our Defenses guide below to learn how to complete this new season quest.

How to Start the Raising Our Defenses Mission

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To start this new quest make your way to the tower and speak to Zavala. Zavala will give you the first quest step which is to travel to Mars to speak to Ana about Rasputin. Once you have this quest step make your way to the Orbit map and head to Mars.

On Mars Ana can be found in the Braytech Futurescape area. Land there then head over to Ana and speak to her. When you talk to Ana you will get the next quest step which is called Light Collection. Light Collection tasks you with collecting and generating orbs of light around Hellas Basin.

How to Collect and Generate Orbs of Light for Ana

Image showing How to Collect and Generate Orbs of Light for Ana in Destiny 2.

To complete this step of the side quest you need to complete two sets of objectives around Light. The objectives for this step are as follows:

  1. 20x Orbs of Light collected: grab orbs off of other Guardians that drop when they use super or masterwork weapons.
  2. 8x Orbs of Light generated: use your super to generate orbs of light.

The easiest and fastest method to complete this quest step is to simply head outside of where you speak to Ana and start the Escalation Protocol. There are a number of enemies and plenty of Guardians completing this event right now. Upon completion of these two objectives you will be prompted to meet Rasputin next to Ana. Go to the flag and interact with it to start the mission “Into the Mindlab.”

Complete Mission Into the Mindlab

Image showing the end of the Mindlab mission in Destiny 2.

This mission is fairly straightforwards. Follow the checkpoints and defeat any Cabal that get in your way. At the end of the mission you will reach Rasputin. Walk up to the computer and interact with it to receive the Artifact, Warmind Khanjali. You will also receive the next quest step to head to the EDZ to find the Seraph Bunker there.

Where to Find the Seraph Bunker on the EDZ

Image showing Where to Find the Seraph Bunker on the EDZ.

Upon completion of the Mindlab mission make your way to the EDZ’s The Sludge area. In this area you will a marker for the bunker. You will also watch a brief cutscene of the bunker opening. Make your way over to the bunker and head inside it. Go all the way to the bottom of the bunker to find the quest marker for Rasputin: EDZ. Interact with the quest marker to get the Seraph Tower Activation step.

How to Complete the Seraph Tower Public Event on EDZ

Image showing the Seraph Tower Public Event on the EDZ.

To complete this step head to the Winding Cove location and start the Seraph Tower Public Event there. This Seraph Tower Public Event is fairly straightforward. There are various polarity gates around the center structure. These polarity gates attach themselves (via a glowing orange orb). Fight the enemies that spawn in and wait for Polarity Charges to shoot out of the gates. Grab the Polarity Charges and throw them at the orange orbs to lessen the connection. Repeat this process until the Public Event is completed. Upon completion head back to the EDZ Bunker which has been over run with enemies.

How to Restore the EDZ Bunker

Image showing the Boot Sector mission in the EDZ Bunker.

Head back into the Bunker and take on the enemies deeper inside it. To do this approach Rasputin to trigger the next quest step. Once you’ve done this you will be able to open an entrance nearby which triggers a new mission called Boot Sector.

All you need to do in this mission is make your way through the bunker to the control room where Ana and Zavala are. As you travel to them you will need to defeat various enemies and a yellow bar boss at the end. Once you’ve done this speak to Ana then interact with the terminal above them to trigger the next quest step to purchase a Seraph Bunker upgrade. To do this you will need to complete bounties or Seraph Public Events before you can upgrade. Select whichever you think are easiest for you to complete and complete them to earn Warmind Bits.

Once you have roughly 90-100 Warmind Bits return to Rasputin and select Preview EDZ Bunker Upgrades. Purchase any Rank 1 upgrade. With a rank 1 upgrade purchased you will be prompted to speak to Rasputin to finish the Raising Our Defenses mission. You will receive a gear piece for your troubles. After this mission there is another mission called Seraph Warsat Network you can begin.

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