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In the new season for Destiny 2 there is a couple of new quests for players to complete revolving around Bunkers. These Bunkers serve as the major PvE focal point of the new season and feature new ways of getting gear for players. The first major mission in the Bunkers you will complete is called Raising Our Defenses. After this mission you will unlock the Seraph Warsat Network mission. To learn how to complete this mission use our Seraph Warsat Network guide below.

Guide Status: WIP.

Important: your first EDZ Bunker Upgrade should be the Cost Reduction: Tier 1 so you can bring upgrade costs down.

How to Get Chipsets in Destiny 2

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To complete this mission you need to collect and spend an item called the chipset. This item can be acquired by buying upgrades through the EDZ bunker upgrade system. To buy these bunker upgrades you need to earn Warmind Bits. This new currency can be acquired a couple of ways:

  • Completing Rasputin bounties (daily + weekly).
  • Completing the new Seraph Tower Public Event in Winding Cove.

To speed up the Warmind Bits gathering process you want to stack you bounties while doing the Seraph Tower Events. This allows you to earn both bounty Warmind Bits and event completion bits at the same time. You need to farm enough to reach Integration Level 1 which means turning in a total of 7 chipsets. Once you reach integration Level 1 you receive a Powerful faction reward. After this is done turn on a Bunker Rank Bonus to receive the next quest step.

How to Purchase and Complete a Rasputin Weapon Bounty

Image showing a Rasputin Weapon Bounty in Destiny 2.

To get a Rasputin weapon bounty you need to level up the EDZ Bunker to Rank 3. Once this is done you will find the Seraph Weapon Frames in the EDZ Armory. You will need to pay a combination of Glimmer and Encrypted Warmind Bits to purchase a bounty for the frame you want.

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