Destiny 2: Exotic Sidearm Devil’s Ruin Perks

The Devil’s Ruin is a new Exotic Sidearm that was added to Destiny 2 on January 7th. This sidearm is available for unlock by players who purchased the Season of Dawn pass through a specific quest line. Like other Exotics in the game, the Devil’s Ruin has some interesting perks. Check out the Devil’s Ruin perks below.

Devil’s Ruin Weapon Perks

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The Devil’s Ruin is a new Exotic Sidearm that was released in Season 9 of Destiny 2. Like other Exotic weapons in the game the perks of the Devil’s Ruin are fixed, meaning everyone gets the same rolls on the weapon. If you want to see what those rolls are check them out below:

  • Close The Gap (Intrinsic): Variable trigger. Press and release to fire individual shots. Hold to charge up a high-powered, staggering laser. Strong against Unstoppable Champions.
  • Extended Barrel (Barrel): Weighty barrel extension that increases range, decreases handling speed, and moderately controls recoil.
  • Projection Fuse (Battery): Distance optimizations that increase range.
  • Pyrogenesis (Trait): Fully charging the laser refills the magazine from reserves.
  • Combat Grip (Grip): This weapon’s recoil direction is more vertical which greatly controls recoil.

The Intrinsic and Trait perks of the Devil’s Ruin are interesting to say the least. Since charging the laser fills the magazine, there is emphasis on strategically using the laser in order to replenish ammo on the fly. There is also emphasis on using the Devil’s Ruin from range to take down you enemies.

While it is too early to tell if they Devil’s Ruin is any good it does present an interesting mix of perks for players to use. How do you find this new Sidearm? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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