Destiny 2: Exodus Evacuation Guide – How to Get the Traveler’s Chosen

There is a new missions for players to complete in Destiny 2 called Exodus: Evacuation. This Exotic Weapons mission tasks players with helping Zavala prepare for evacuation. To help you complete this Exotic mission use our Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation guide below.

Exodus Evacuation Quest Guide

The Exodus: Evacuation Exotic mission is given to players by Commander Zavala. This quest expires at the end of the Season of Arrivals and tasks players with helping multiple planets prepare to evacuate. On each of the four planets you will have to complete a set of Quest Steps that involve completing the planet’s strike and a Lost Sector. Each planet you complete rewards you with a Legendary Weapon.

How to Start the Exodus Evacuation Exotic Quest

After you download the patch for Destiny 2 head into the game and select your character. When you reach the Director page for the first time you will receive a notification that you should speak to Zavala on the Tower. Head to the Tower and make your way over the Vanguard Commander. Speak to him to receive the Exotic quest Exodus: Evacuation. This quest features a number of sections across the different planets of:

  1. IO.
  2. Titan.
  3. Mercury.
  4. Mars.

To get the Exotice you need to complete all the steps on each of the planets listed above. To get started accept the quest and then head Io to speak to Asher Mir there.

Speak to Asher Mir on Io and Complete Observer Effect Quest Step

Image showing the Observer Effect steps in Destiny 2.

Pretty straightforward quest step here. Simply head from the Tower to the planet The Rupture landing zone on IO. From here head over to Asher Mir and speak to him. When you talk to Asher Mir you will get a new quest step called Observer Effect. This quest step has three parts:

  • Taken Sample: Collect a sample from Taken Phalanx Barrism in Lost Sector: Sanctum of Bones located in the Rupture.
  • 1 Lost Sector: Investigate the chest in Sanctum of Bones.
  • 25 Traces of Corruption: Collect Traces of Corruption by defeating Taken on Io.

All three of the steps above can be completed on Io. Specifically the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector. If you don’t know where this location is basically head northeast from Asher Mir to reach a cave that leads to the Lost Sector. You only need to run this Lost Sector once. When you complete it by interacting with the chest at the end you will unlock the quest step called Into the Pyramidion.

Into the Pyramidion Quest Step

The Into the Pyramidion quest step is fairly straightforward as well. This quest step has two parts you will need to complete to receive the next quest step. These two parts are:

  • The Pyramidion: Complete the Pyramidion strike.
  • 40 Scan Traces: Defeat Vex anywhere on IO.

For the most efficient path focus your efforts on the Pyramidion strike as this strike features a number of Vex enemies meaning you can knock both steps out in one run of the strike. Once you do manage to complete both steps listed above you will receive the next quest step called Double Blind.

Double Blind Quest Step

To complete the Double Blind Quest Step you need to playthrough the Unexpected Guests mission on Heroic. This mission can be found on IO and has a recommended Power Level of 750. At this point you shouldn’t have any issues completing this quest step. Once you complete this quest you will receive the Fleischman-Achheim Axoim quest step.

This Quest Step can be completed by returning to Asher Mir on IO. Simply make your way back to this NPC and speak with him. Once you’ve spoken to Asher you will receive the Silicon Neuroma Legendary Sniper Rifle and the next step which is Evacuation: Titan.

Evacuation: Titan Quest Steps

Make your way to the Siren’s Watch Landing Zone on Titan and speak to Sloane who is nearby. When you talk to Sloane you will get a new quest step called Clearing the Docks.

Clearing the Deck Quest Step

The Clearing the Deck quest step can be completed by finishing two quest steps. These steps require completing a Methane Flush Lost Sector in Siren’s Watch. The steps are:

  • Hive Knight Defeated: Defeat a Hive Knight (can be done in Methane Flush).
  • Lost Sector: Open the chest in Methane Flush.

The Lost Sector entrance can be located just east of the Landing Zone spawn in Siren’s Watch. Look for a pipe on the lowest platform you can enter to get into the area. Complete the Methane Flush Lost Sector to trigger the next step in the quest called Asset Interception.

Asset Interception Quest Step

Like the previous quest step you will need to complete a couple of steps in the Asset Interception portion step to advance. Both of these steps require you to collect Golden Age tech from chests in the Solarium and Festering Halls on Titan. Both of these locations have one (Solarium) and two (Festering Halls) named enemies in them. Defeating these named enemies drops the chests with the tech inside. Upon getting the third piece of tech you will unlock the Be The Wall Quest Step.

Be The Wall Quest Step

The Be The Wall Quest Step is exactly like the Into the Pyramidion Quest Step we did earlier on Io. In this step you need to complete two objectives. These objectives are as follows:

  • Savathun’s Song: Complete the Savathun’s Song strike.
  • 25 Tech Fragments: Defeat Knights and Wizards to get this item.

Completing this Quest Step requires slightly more effort than the Pyramidion Quest Step as you will need to find Knights and Wizards to defeat. These enemies do appear in the strike but there are not enough to complete the step. If you do need to find more after the strike I recommend just running Methane Flush again as there are a number of these enemy types in the Lost Sector.

Once you complete this Quest Step return to Sloane and speak to her again to complete the Will of Titan Quest Step. Sloane will give you the Duty Bound Auto Rifle and the next step in the Exotic quest called Report to Zavala.

Report to Zavala Quest Step

Leave Titan and head back to The Tower. Make your way over to Zavala and speak with him. When you talk to Zavala you will receive the Mindbender’s Ambition Masterwork Shotgun. This marks the half-way point for the Exotic quest line. You still have two planets to go: Mercury and Mars. Once you’ve received the shotgun you will get the Evacuation: Mercury Quest Step.

Evacuation: Mercury Quest Steps Guide

Once you’ve got the shotgun and Evacuation: Mercury Quest Step make your way to Orbit and head to the planet of Mercury. On Mercury head to into the Lighthouse and speak to Brother Vance. When you talk to Brother Vance you will get the next quest step which is called A Shattered Future.

A Shattered Future Quest Step

This quest step tasks you with completing the A Garden World strike on Mercury and collecting 15 Timeline Fractures that drop off of Hyrdas, Minotaurs, and Cyclops. These easiest method for completing this task is to simply focus your energy on the strike where there are plenty of these enemy types. It should only take you one run to complete this step. Upon completion you will unlock the In His Footsteps Quest Step.

In His Footsteps Quest Step

The In His Footsteps Quest step tasks you with completing the Tree of Probabilities Strike on Mercury and with gathering 40 Traces of Osiris which drop off of Cabal. Again just focus on completing the strike and you should get enough in a single run to complete this Quest Step. If not you can always look for Cabal in the open-world to juice up the numbers. Once this step is completed you will get the A Disciple’s Plea Quest Step.

A Disciple’s Plea Quest Step

All you need to do complete the A Disciple’s Plea Quest Step is complete the Bug in the System mission on Heroic. This mission can be found on Mercury’s map. It has a recommended power level of 750 so you shouldn’t have any issues completing it. If needed bring a group or matchmake to make it easier on yourself. Upon compltion of this mission you will get the Better Days Ahead Quest Step.

To complete the Better Days Ahead Quest Step simply return to Brother Vance at the Lighthouse on Mercury. Speak to him to receive the D.F.A. Hand Cannon and the Evacuation: Mars Quest Step.

Evacuation: Mars Quest Steps

Leave Mercury and make your way to the planet of Mars. Land at the Braytech Futurescape Landing Zone and head to Ana Bray. Speak to her to trigger the start of the Evacutation: Mars first Quest Step called Signs of Life.

Signs of Life Quest Step

Image showing where to find the Rasputin Signal during the Signs of Life Quest Step.

To complete this Quest Step you will need investigate Mindlab: Rasputin. This area is located north of Braytech builing Ana is inside. Make your way through the Aurora Reach so you reach the room that has the floating sphere inside it. In this room you will trigger a quest marker. Jump to the ledge pictured above and crawl through the vent there to get to the signal. Interact with it to get the Recycled Components Quest Step.

Recycled Components Quest Step

Head back to Braytech Futurescape and begin the Escalation Protocol as part of this Quest Step. All you need to do here is defeat 5 bosses in Escalation Protocol to receive pieces of the Rasputin Frame. One kill equals one piece so you need to defeat a total of 5 bosses in this activity. Once you defeat 5 bosses you will unlock the Signal Shielding Quest Step.

Signal Shielding Quest Step

To complete the Signal Shielding Quest Step you need to complete the Deathly Tremors mission on Heroic. This mission can be found on Mars and has a recommended Power Level of 750. You shouldn’t have a problem completing this mission, but if you do look to group up or play with friends to make it more manageable. Once this mission is complete you receive the Rasputin Armory code and will unlock the Force Reboot Quest Step.

Head back to Ana Bray and speak to her to receive the Braytech Osprey Rocket Launcher and the final step in this Exotic quest which is to head back to Zavala on The Tower one final time.

Return to Zavala to Get the Traveler’s Chosen Exotic

Image showing the Traveler's Chosen exotic sidearm in Destiny 2.

Now that you’ve done everything needed to prepare the planets for evacuation it is time to return to Zavala to receive your reward. When you talk to Zavala he will give you the Traveler’s Chosen Sidearm Exotic. This new weapon has some interesting perks you can read about in our Traveler’s Chosen perks post.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Exodus Evacuation quest in Destiny 2. This questline is rather long to complete (about 3-4 hours) and may not be all that worth it. What do you think of the new Sidearm Exotic? Sound off in the comments down below. Thanks for reading.

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