Destiny 2: Traveler’s Chosen Guide – How to Get, Perks and Traits

In Destiny 2 there is an Exotic sidearm called the Traveler’s Chosen. This sidearm was added ahead of the removal of certain planets and played into the story of them being removed. Like other Exotic weapons in the game you will need to complete specific tasks to get this weapon for yourself. To learn more about this Exotic check out our Traveler’s Chosen guide below.

How to Get the Traveler’s Chosen Exotic

Image showing the Exodus: Evacuation mission in Destiny 2.

The quest for the Traveler’s Chosen was added on September 8th leading up to the end of the Season of Arrivals. This Exotic Sidearm can be acquired by completing a quest-line for Commander Zavala called Exodus: Evacuation. To learn what all needs to be done in this quest-line check out our Exodus: Evacuation guide for more information. Get this weapon takes about 3-4 hours.

Traveler’s Chosen Perks and Traits

Image showing the Traveler's Chosen Perks and Traits in Destiny 2.

The Traveler’s Chosen is an Exotic sidearm that was introduced during Season 12 of Destiny 2. Like other Exotic weapons in the game the perks of the Traveler’s Chosen are fixed, meaning everyone gets the same rolls on the weapon. If you want to see what those rolls are check them out below:

  • Gathering Light (Intrinsic Trait): Final blows with this weapon grant stacks of Gathering Light. R Press: Consume stacks, granting melee, grenade, and class ability energy based on the number of stacks.
  • Gift of the Traveler (Trait): Each stack of Gathering Light improves this weapon’s reload, handling, and target acquisition.
  • Quickdot SAS (Sight): Agile Sidearm sight. Greatly increases handling speed and slightly increases stability.
  • Armor-Piercing Rounds (Magazine): Rounds cause extra damage to combatants’ shields and overpenetrate targets. These bullets also slightly increase range.
  • Short-Action Stock (Stock): This weapon is especially easy to grip. With this grip handling speed is greatly increased.

The Intrinsic and Trait perks of the Traveler’s Chosen seem like they could be fairly interesting to use are interesting for players that like using their abilities often. Given the stacking of Gathering Light players would be able to bank multiple uses of their abilities including melee, grenade, and class. What do you think of this Exotic?

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