Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris A Deadly Trial Quest

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris A Deadly Trial Quest
The Radio Tower is a Respawn Restricted zone.

After completing The Gateway quest on Mercury, you will be given A Deadly Trial Quest on the EDZ. A Deadly Trial is the second quest in the Curse of Osiris DLC. Use the guide below to help you complete the Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris A Deadly Trial Quest.

Access The A Deadly Trial Quest

To trigger the A Deadly Trial Quest, make your way to the EDZ. On the EDZ, use the Trostland Landing Zone to access the area closest to the quest marker. Head over to the quest marker (a giant Osiris flag) to begin the A Deadly Trial quest.

Revive Sagira

Our reason for coming to the EDZ is to revive Sagira. This can be done at a hidden temple in the EDZ that we are going to access. From the start of the mission, head down the street and through the building into the Maevic Square area. Clear out the Fallen near the statue and jump on a Heavy Pike (you’re gonna want the fire power). Head down the street until you reach the roadblock (a couple minute ride).


The roadblock is essentially a blocked tunnel that is protected by a Walker. We need to kill the Walker in order to clear the roadblock and enter the tunnel. This is fairly easy to do on the Heavy Pike, so just strafe and fire at will at the Walker to kill it in no time. When the Walker is dead, you will be able to access the now unblocked tunnel. Continue on the road through the tunnels until you reach the Radio Tower (Hangman’s Pass).

Radio Tower

The Radio Tower is where you will find the temple of Osiris followers. This area is swarming with Fallen and is a Respawn Restricted zone. Before being able to access the temple, you will need to clear out all the Fallen. Once the Fallen are gone climb the Radio Tower about halfway up and head to the backside of the tower. Here there is an area you can drop down into to access the temple area. Inside the temple is a console we can put Sagira inside to resurrect it (it fuses with your ghost). This completes the mission and returns you to Mercury. Back on Mercury the Beyond Infinity quest will trigger.


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This concludes our Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris A Deadly Trial quest guide. Any comments or suggestions? Let me know in The Pit below.


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