Desert Habitat Animals Locations – Red Dead Online

Image showing the Desert Habitat Category in Red Dead Online.

In the Naturalist update for Red Dead Online there are new categories of samples you can collect and turn in for money and XP. These categories involve finding all the samples of animals from a specific habitat. The guide below shows you all 14 Desert Habitat Animals locations in Red Dead Online.

Where to Find All Desert Habitat Animals

The Desert Habitat collection for the Naturalist role features 14 animals. These animals can be found in drier, more desert locations across the frontier. The video by GTA Series Video does a good job in highlighting the locations of each animal you need to sedate and sample to complete the collection. The animals in this collection are as follows:

  1. Desert Iguana: Area to the north of Mercer Station. Sample sells for $0.75.
  2. Banded Gila Monster: Northwest of Armadillo. Sample sells for $0.80.
  3. Nine-Banded Armadillo: Areas around Mercer station road. Sample sells for $0.70.
  4. Baja California Pronghorn Buck: West side of Armadillo (usually with Doe). Sample sells for $2.00.
  5. Baja California Pronghorn Doe: West side of Armadillo (usually with Buck). Sample sells for $2.00.
  6. Collared Peccary: West side of Armadillo. Sample sells for $1.75.
  7. Sonoran Pronghorn Buck: North area surrounding Lake Don Julio. Sample sells for $2.00.
  8. Sonoran Pronghorn Doe: North area surround Lake Don Julio. Sample sells for $2.00.
  9. Desert Bighorn Ram: To the east and southeast of Tumbleweed. Sample sells for $2.05.
  10. Desert Bighorn Sheep: South of Armadillo. Sample sells for $2.05
  11. Sierra Nevada Bighorn Ram: Mountains around the Aurora Basin. Sample sells for $2.05.
  12. Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep: On the banks of the Aurora Basin north-side. Sample sells for $1.10.
  13. Black-Tailed Rattlesnake: Found in the area around Armadillo. Sample sells for $0.75.
  14. Cougar: In the Great Plains area. Sample sells for $4.05.

Many of the animals listed above can be found in a variety of areas so you may encounter some of these animals while going about your business. With that said the video above shows you the exact locations to find each animal. If you don’t find them initially you can switch servers to get them to spawn in.

How to Turn in the Desert Habitat Category

Image showing the complete Desert Habitat Category in Red Dead Online.

Remember when you encounter any of the desert animals you want to shoot them with the sedative ammo from your Varmint Rifle (buy from Harriet or create yourself). Once an animal is sedated approach it and collect a sample. Take the sample you’ve collected and sell it to Harriet. Upon collecting and selling all the samples of the animals listed above you will complete the set.

Once this set is completed you can turn it in for $80.00 and 1000 XP. To do this access Progress > Roles > Hover on Naturalist > Animal Field Guide > Hover on Desert Habitats > Trade In. Once the category has been turned in your progress will reset allowing you to complete the set again for more money and XP.

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