Death Stranding: Where to Find the Hot Springs – Soak and Sigh Trophy Guide

In Death Stranding there are a number of trophies for players to collect. These trophies range from simply completing the game to secret ones like siting in a hot springs. To help you complete the latter I’ve thrown together a where to find the Hot Springs guide. Check it out below.

Where to Find the Hot Springs in Death Stranding

Image showing the Hot Springs location.

Before you can reach the Hot Springs you need to progress the story until Episode 3. During Episode 3 you will be tasked with making a delivery to a Junk Dealer. To the northeast of the Junk Dealer you will find the Hot Springs (everyone is putting stickers and Safe Houses nearby so getting there is pretty easy).

Image showing the Soak and Sigh trophy.

Once at the Hot Springs go inside them and bathe. Doing this triggers a cutscene. The water of the Hot Springs has elevated chloride content which is beneficial in triggering bowel movements. Once you sit in the Hot Springs for a few moments the Soak and Sigh trophy will pop.

That’s all you need to know to find the Hot Springs in Death Stranding. When you are nearby visiting the Junk Dealer pop up to them and take a quick bath to knock this trophy out.

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