Dead Space Remake Peng Treasure

In the Dead Space Remake there is a special collectible players can find called the Peng Treasure. This collectible appeared in the original game but has been moved to a new location in the remake. If you manage to find the Peng Treasure you unlock the There’s Always Peng! achievement/trophy. To help you find it use our Dead Space Remake Peng Treasure location guide below.

Where is the Peng Treasure?

Dead Space Remake Peng Treasure map location.
The Peng Treasure is in the Cargo Bay.

To find the Peng Treasure you need to make your way through the game to Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions. Once you are in this Chapter (or have reached it at least), you gain access to the Cargo Bay. Inside the Cargo Bay is the Peng Treasure, so head there now and I will explain exactly where you need to look.

Dead Space Remake Peng Treasure.
Move the boxes and access the locker behind them to get the treasure.

When you enter the Cargo Bay from the Tram Station Hall there is an elevator/lift you ride down to the floor below. Ride the lift down. As soon as you step off the lift turn around. To the right of the lift there is a couple of Kinesis Blocks that are blocking a locker. Use Kinesis to move them out of the way. Approach the locker and open it. Inside is the Peng Treasure statue.

To unlock the There’s Always Peng! achievement/trophy be sure to grab the Peng Treasure statue. Once you’ve acquired the statue, and unlocked the achievement/trophy, take it to the nearest store. The Peng Treasure sells for $30,000.

The Peng Treasure is not the only hidden secret in the game. There are 9 weapons for players to find hidden throughout the game’s 12 Chapters. Additionally players that complete the game on the Impossible Mode can get a special weapon and suit.

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