Dead Cells Return to Castlevania Bosses

Dead Cells Return to Castlevania bosses.

The major DLC expansion for Dead Cells, Return to Castlevania, is out now. This expansion features new biomes to visit, new weapons and outfits to find, and new enemies and bosses to fight from the Castlevania universe. If you are wondering what bosses are in this DLC, our Dead Cells Return to Castlevania bosses list below highlights all the bosses in the expansion.


Dead Cells Return to Castlevania Death boss.
Death is the first boss of the DLC.

The first of the bosses you will face as part of the DLC’s natural progression is Death. Death interrupts your stroll to the Master’s Keep by dragging you down into the Defiled Necropolis arena where you unlock the Don’t Fear the Reaper achievement.

In the Defiled Necropolis arena players faceoff against the Death boss. Defeating Death allows you to advance the DLC and also unlock a few blueprints. The items associated with Death are:

  • Scythe (Weapon).
  • Death (Oufit).
  • Cold Death (Outfit).
  • Red Death (Outfit).
  • Edgy Death (Outfit).
  • Spectral Death (Outfit).
  • Flawless Death (Outfit).

The first time you defeat Death you unlock the Death comes for us all… but not you! achievement. Additionally, on your first win, Alucard is waiting for you by the exit to the Next Level. He will briefly explain to you how to advance the DLC to reach the other bosses (it requires starting a new run).


Dead Cells Return to Castlevania Medusa boss.
Medusa is the second boss fight in the DLC.

The second of the bosses you will face as part of the DLC’s natural progression is Medusa. Medusa resides in the second version of Dracula’s Castle that you enter from the Clock Room. Once you enter Dracula’s Castle you will need to seek out the Medusa boss arena. Here you fight Medusa. Upon defeat of Medusa you gain access to a treasure chest containing the Petrified Key which is a key DLC item.

Medusa only has one item attached to her. This item is the Medusa Head (Weapon). There is no achievement for defeating Medusa, but she must be killed to advance the DLC. Upon defeating Medusa and getting the Petrified Key players can use the key to reach the Master’s Keep a second time.

Medusa can also be fought in the special Richter Mode. This game mode puts players in control of Richter Belmont. Defeating Medusa in Richter Mode unlocks a few things including the Richter (Outfit).

Dracula & Dracula – Final Form

Dead Cells Return to Castlevania Dracula boss fight.
Dracula & Dracula Final Form is the final boss fight in the DLC.

It would not be a Castlevania experience without facing off against Dracula. The final boss of the DLC pits players against the popular vampire foe in a two phase fight. This boss fight occurs in the Master’s Keep area. When you defeat Dracula there is a brief transition to a new area where you fight Dracula – Final Form. There are a few items associated to the Death boss players can unlock:

  • Vampire Killer (Weapon).
  • Bat Swarm (Weapon).
  • Dracula (Outfit).
  • Doctor Dracula (Outfit).
  • Pompous Dracula (Outfit).
  • Vigilante Dracula (Outfit).
  • Flawless Dracula (Outfit).

For beating Dracula and Dracula – Final Form you unlock a couple of achievements. The You Don’t Belong in this world! achievement is unlocked by beating Dracula and the See You in 100 Years achievement is unlocked by beating Dracula – Final Form.

Following the defeat of Dracula you will trigger the ending of the DLC. This ending marks the end of a run. Following the cutscene and credits you are returned to the Prisoner’s Quarters where you can pickup your cells and start a new run all over again.

All Return to Castlevania Boss Fights Video

If you are curious to see the boss fights I’ve described above in action, check out the video from our HTR YouTube Channel. This video contains all three boss fights and the game’s ending cutscene and credits. This video gives a general sense of how all of the boss fights work in the game and what to expect when facing each one.

Thoughts on the Dead Cells Return to Castlevania Bosses? Who was your favorite to fight? Let me know in the comments below.



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