Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC Guide

Dead Cells Return to Castlevania Alucard.

A major piece of DLC content for Dead Cells is out now. This new DLC content is called Return to Castelvania. As the name of this DLC suggests, the expansion is a crossover event with the popular Castlevania series. The Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC guide below walks you through how to complete this DLC content.

Step 1: Find Richter in Prisoner’s Quarters Biome and Go to Castle’s Outskirts

Before you can start the Return to Castlevania DLC content you must ensure you’ve unlocked the hanging flasks in the Prisoner’s Quarters biome. These flasks are unlocked by having done at least three runs. Once you’ve unlocked the flasks start a run. When you enter starting item room you will have a bunch of bats fly past you, signifying the DLC is ready.

To start the DLC you need to make your way to the Castle’s Outskirts biome. This biome can be accessed through the Prisoner’s Quarters biome. Before you reach the entrnace to the Castle’s Outskirts you will encounter Richter waiting along the path. Speak to him and then go through the Castle’s Outskirts entrance to reach the first of the DLC’s biomes.

Step 2: Free Alucard in Castle’s Outskirts and Go to Dracula’s Castle

NOTE: While you are in the Castle’s Outskirts biome you can free Maria Renard. This NPC is trapped and requires a special key to reach. Learn how to find this key and what Maria unlocks in our Maria Renard guide.

In the Castle’s Outskirts biome make your way to the right until you enter the castle section that has the elevator. To the right of the elevator is a path leading to a room. Follow this path and enter the room with the coffin in the center of it. Interact with the coffin to free Alucard. Speak to Alucard to learn a bit about what he needs your help with.

Once you’ve spoken with Alucard take the elevator up. Complete the rest of the level so you reach the entrance in the upper right corner. Use this entrance to visit the second of the DLC’s biomes, Dracula’s Castle.

Step 3: Complete Dracula’s Castle to Reach the Master’s Keep

Dead Cells Master's Keep entrance.
The entrance is at the top of the castle.

The Dracula’s Castle biome is a huge level you are free to explore if you so desire. This is the easier variant of the biome (with it being more difficult when we visit later). The only goal here is to reach the entrance that leads to the Master’s Keep. This biome entrance is located at the top of the castle so make your way up to it when you are ready. Keep in mind that there is a boss fight coming up, so ensure your build is fairly strong before leaving Dracula’s Castle.

Step 4: Defeat Death and Start a New Run

Dead Cells Return to Castlevania Death boss.
Death is one of the DLC bosses.

Make your way through the passage way leading to the Master’s Keep. Head up the stairs. At the top of the stairs you will trigger a cutscene where you are pulled down by some chains into a new named location called the Defiled Necropolis. Head right in the Defiled Necropolis area to trigger a boss fight against Death. Defeat Death to continue.

Dead Cells Alucard after the Death boss fight.
Alucard after the Death boss fight.

Once you defeat death head to the right in the Defiled Necropolis. Just before the entrance to the next level Alucard will appear. He will speak to you and congratulate you on your victory. He also mentions that he needs to find a solution before you can fight against Dracula. This signifies that the run is done. Finish the current run or restart to return to the Prisoner’s Quarters to continue completing the DLC content.

Step 5: Speak to Alucard in Prisoner’s Quarters and Reach the Clock Room

Alucard in the Prisoner's Quarters.
Alucard tells you where to go next to continue the DLC.

When you start a new run you will encounter Alucard waiting for you in the Prisoner’s Quarters vial room. Speak to him to learn about the next step of the DLC. Alucard has found a way to reach his father through the Clock Room boss arena.

Once you’ve finished talking to Alucrad make your way forward on a normal run so that you reach the Clock Room. Do not go through the Castle’s Outskirts as it will lock you out of the DLC. Instead use the normal path to reach the Clock Room.

In the Clock Room defeat The Time Keeper boss and go to the right. You will encounter Alucard once again. Speak to him to learn that he has found another method to reach Dracula. Enter Dracula’s Castle through the entrance located by Alucard.

Step 6: Collect the Petrified Key and Reach the Master’s Keep

NOTE: While you are in this version of Dracula’s Castle you can find Richter in the Lore Room. Freeing Richter here unlocks the Richter Mode that you can play if you visit this room again in other runs. See our Richter Mode guide for more details.

This version of Dracula’s Castle is a bit different than the previous one we visited. There are more enemies and Dracula randomly appears to hinder your progress. Additionally in this second version of the biome there is a second boss we must fight called Medusa. To advance the DLC you must defeat her. Once she is defeated head to the right into the next room to find the Treasure Chest containing the Petrified Key.

Once you have the Petrified Key make your way to the top of the castle. Here you will find a locked door that can only be opened using that key. Open the door and continue forward to reach the Master’s Keep entrance. When you are fully geared up and ready, head through the entrance into the Master’s Keep and continue heading left to reach the boss area.

Step 7: Defeat Dracula and Dracula – Final Form

Dead Cells Draculaboss.
Defeat Dracula and Dracula – Final Form to finish the DLC.

Just before you enter the throne room of the Master’s Keep you will encounter Alucard and Richter (if you freed him earlier). They will give you a sort of pep-talk before your fight. Once the interaction is complete you can then enter the throne room. Upon entering there is a brief interaction then a boss fight against Dracula.

Defeat Dracula to complete the first phase of the battle. While you are picking up the items dropped after this phase is complete you will transition to the second phase against Dracula – Final Form. Defeat Dracula – Final Form to trigger the DLC’s end credits. This completes the DLC.

Following completion of the DLC you return to the Prisoner’s Quarters biome. Here you are free to start a run again. If you want you can replay the DLC by visiting the biomes during a run. Keep in mind that you can only complete one path per run.

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