Days Gone All Camp Guitarist Songs

There are a number of collectibles in Days Gone and one of them is different songs played by a guitarist at Iron Mike’s encampment. To help you get all the songs, here’s our Days Gone all camp guitarist songs guide.

Where to Find the Camp Guitarist

Where to Find the Camp Guitarists

Where to Find the Camp Guitarists

There are a total of six songs you need to collect to get all the Camp Guitarists collectibles. These guitarists appear from
7pm – 10pm (19:00 – 22:00) in the gazebo (behind the bounty shop) at Iron Mike’s Encampment in the Lost Lake region. If you go there every evening you will hear the following songs in this order:

  1. Yesterday
  2. Mirrors
  3. Our Lies
  4. Perfect
  5. She’s My Drug
  6. Sun Won’t Shine

When you listen to the guitarist you will unlock a collectible of the song that was sung. If you want to collect all the songs, simply leave Deacon at the gazebo for 45+ minutes and you should get them all. Your other option is to sleep and comeback or check the gazebo between mission. The Camp Guitarist collectible can be seen in the collectibles menu (far right).

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