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In the River Raid mode of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla players raid foreign locations to collect armor, weapons, and materials. One of the materials that players can find is the new Foreign Supplies. This material is used to build new settlement buildings and shop at Vagn’s store. You will want to gather a lot of this material while raiding, but you are limited at first. To learn how to carry more Foreign Supplies in longship see our guide below.

How to Carry More Foreign Materials in Longship

To carry more of the Foreign Supplies during River Raids you unsurprisingly need to use Foreign Supplies to improve your longship’s cargo space. To purchase the upgrade speak to Vagn at the River Raid Dock of your Settlement. When you speak to Vagn ask to customize your ship. This will open the page shown above. On this page there is a box that says Cargo. Highlight the box select upgrade to spend your Foreign Materials on it. The upgrades are:

  • Base: Unlocked automatically. Holds 200 Foreign Supplies.
  • Second Unlock: Spend 450 Foreign Supplies to increase carrying capacity to 300.
  • Third Unlock: Spend 750 Foreign Supplies to increase carrying capacity to 400.
  • Fourth Unlock: Added in 1.3.1. Spend 950 Foreign Supplies to increase capacity to 500.
  • Fifth Unlock: Added in 1.3.1. Spend 1150 Foreign Supplies to increase capacity to 600.

That’s all you need to know to upgrade how much Foreign Supplies you can haul in your longhip. You should purchase this upgarde immediately as it will allow you to clear more locations and spend more time in each of the River Raids. The more you can carry the more you can bank back at your Settlement for other expenses.

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18 responses

  1. Ajaii says:

    You have to switch out your raiders so they can hold more! Some hold 1 ration to 3 rations, my lieutenant holds 3 everyone else one or two

  2. Remy says:

    Skip the small chest, fill up to 400 and then do one small chest

  3. Jason says:

    So no fix to the only one foreign supply per raid.

  4. Nikko Gotti says:

    Same for me I have tried lots of times by restarting my game but nothing….my ship can only carrier one foriegn supply per raid…even well after I beat the game and did almost everything

  5. Big_E65 says:

    Same for me– wish I hadn’t did the first upgrade- would have been better off. Any one know if Ubisoft is even working on this problem.

  6. Kirk says:

    There is a bug – has anyone solved it? When I go river raiding and raid a chest, I only get 1 foreign supply. My capacity on my longship is also only 1 (not the hundreds others are getting) when I go back the the encampment I need hundreds of supplies to do anything….. for me that is at least 100 river raids to build the long house or 450 river raids to upgrade my longship storage… This can’t be right.

  7. CptSteffus says:

    Why’s my ship carrying only one supply per run? I did three river raids and I get a single supply, I get back, I store and then the same. Is this a glitch?

  8. Peter Scutti says:

    I have to spend 300 materials but I can only carry 250, is this a bug

    • Mike says:

      This is not a bug, your longship can only carry 250 supplies per raid. When you return to your settlement it gets banked, allowing you to head back out and gather more supplies. I recommend focusing on upgrading your longship storage before buying anything else since it seems all jomsviking have the same stats between levels, with only their ration storage increasing the higher their rank.

      You’ll also save on rations if you disembark, run through The raiding locations, removing all the guards yourself, and then call the raiding party after everyone has been eliminated. For some odd reason, despite being fierce viking warriors, they act more like pincushions

      • Nicole says:

        How do you bank the foreign supplies? I have 200 and everytime I go to the guy to ask to customize the kingship and increase the cargo I can’t do anything because I only have 200 and it needs 450. Where and how do you store the 200 so I can go back out and get more?

        • Rachel says:

          This is exactly my issue too. How can I get more than 200 if my ship only holds 200 but can’t store more anywhere else?

        • Gamingdude says:

          I’m having the same issue I got 200 foreign supplies and the upgrade asks for 450 so where can i store those 200 before i head out for another raid, some people are saying once you head back to the camp it’s stored automatically but it’s not what’s happening so is this a bug?

      • Andrew says:

        There is a bug as mi e will only carry 300. When I get to that limit it won’t let me carry the 450 for the next level.

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