Call to Arms Mode in Red Dead Online has arrived, what to know

The new update for Red Dead Online has added a new game mode called Call to Arms. This game mode is a wave based mode in which players must survive 10 waves of enemies. Before you can dive into this game mode you need to do a bit of leg work to gain access to the mode. It’s nothing major, but it is required for you to start it. To learn more here’s our guide to the Call to Arms Mode in Red Dead Online.

How to Start Call to Arms

Call to Arms telegram in Red Dead Online.
The Telegram to access Call to Arms.

When you login you will receive a message stating that you have a letter from J. To get this letter access a post office or your camp mailbox. Once you are at the mailbox collect the letter. Once you’ve gotten the letter from J you need to access it like you would a Telegram.

To do this open your Satchel and navigate to Documents > Telegrams > Call to Arms. You will then see a list of Call to Arms missions you can complete. There are a few levels currently in the game.

Once you’ve played a match from the Telegram pouch you will see Call to Arms appear on the main screen of the game. You can use this option to quickly jump into matches.

Call to Arms Locations

List of Call to Arms locations in Red Dead Online.
Locations for wave based game mode.

The levels currently in the game are split across a variety of locations that are memorable to players of RDO. The locations are mostly towns with the Macfarlane Ranch thrown in. The levels you can complete are:

  1. Blackwater.
  2. Fort Mercer.
  3. Strawberry.
  4. Valentine.
  5. MacFarlane’s Ranch.

When you are ready to play one of these matches simply select it from the list. The game will load you into a match either solo or with other players.

How to Complete Call to Arms

Call to Arms payout screen.
Call to Arms payout for completing Round 4.

Gameplay wise Call to Arms is a simple wave based survival game mode. Each wave features a number of enemies you need to defeat. Each time you defeat a wave the next wave will be slightly harder. The goal is to survive up to, and complete, wave 10. If you do this you complete the mission.

Regardless of how you do in the waves you will still be rewarded for your efforts. Taking part in this game mode rewards you with Gold, $RDO, and XP. The better you do the more of these currencies you receive. While the mode can be completed solo, it is recommended to play with either a posse or other players to make your life easier.

Thoughts on our look at Call to Arms Mode in Red Dead Online? Drop them in the comments below.

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  1. Samantha Zeller says:

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