Borderlands 3: The Rewards for Completing Crew Challenges

There are a number of Crew Challenges for players to complete across the different zones in Borderlands 3. These Crew Challenges reward players with XP, Money, and even guns. With that said you may be wondering what the rewards for completing Crew Challenges are? Let me show you below.

Target of Opportunity Reward – Lyuda

Image showing the Lyuda Sniper Rifle.

For completing all of Zero’s Target of Opportunity Crew Challenges, you will receive the Lyuda Legendary Sniper Rifle. You will receive this item via your mailbox once all the Target of Opportunity challenges are complete.

Dead Claptrap Reward – Baby Maker ++

Image showing the Baby Maker ++ legendary SMG.

If you complete the Dead Claptrap Crew Challenges you will receive the legendary SMG called the Baby Maker ++. This legendary SMG will be sent to your social inbox upon completion of all Dead Claptrap Crew Challenges.

Legendary Hunt Reward – Bekah

Image showing the Bekah legendary machine gun.

You will receive the legendary machine gun the Bekah for completing all Legendary Hunt Crew Challenges. This item will be sent to your inbox upon completion of the the Legendary Hunt Crew Challenges.

If you are wanting to complete these Crew Challenges for yourself, check out our complete Crew Challenges guide here. On this page you will find all Crew Challenges guides.

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