Borderlands 3: Tazendeer Ruins Crew Challenges Guide

Upon reaching the end of Desolation’s Edge you will enter a new zone called Tazendeer Ruins. Like previous zones this zone has Crew Challenges. There are a total of six Crew Challenges to complete in this zone. Use our Tazendeer Ruins guide to make life easier for you.

Tazendeer Ruins Crew Challenges Guide

Image showing the Tazendeer Ruins Crew Challenges Location Map.

Tazendeer Ruins is a large indoor/outdoor area you will need to traverse to reach the Vault. As you traverse this area keep an eye on the map above which points out the locations of all the Crew Challenges for this zone.

Dead Claptrap #1: Tazendeer Ruins

Image showing the Dead Claptrap #1 Tazendeer Ruins location.

When head outdoors for the first time head to the west and you will find a cave with the Dead Claptrap inside.

Dead Claptrap #2: The Last House

Image showing the Dead Claptrap 2 The Last House location.

Inside The Last House area make your way to the north and you will reach a dead end. At this dead end is a waterfall. At the base of the waterfall is the Dead Claptrap.

Typhon Log: The Last House

Image showing the location of the Typhon Log The Last House.

In the area called The Last House you will find a Typhon Log located in the west most point underneath some scaffolding. It is looking out on the wreckage in the lake.

Typhon Log: Charnel Keep

Image showing the Typhon Log Charnel Keep location.

As you head deeper into Tazendeer Ruins you will reach an area called Charnel Keep. In Charnel Keep make your way to the west to find this log on an overlook.

Crimson Radio: Tazendeer Ruins

Image showing the Crimson Radio Tazendeer Ruins location.

You will find this Crimson Radio on top of a building near the ruined bridge to Desolation’s Edge. To reach the radio tower on top of the building, use the rocks to the south to climb up the back of the building.

Target of Opportunity: Tazendeer Ruins

The Target of Opportunity for this zone can be found on the north end of the long strip leading to the Crimson Radio above. At this point you will need to defeat Sylestro and Atomic.

Typhon Log #3: Vault of the Serpent

Image showing the Typhon Log #3 Vault of the Serpent location.

Reach the very end of the zone and access the Vault to enter the Vault of the Serpent. Beside the bed in this Vault you will find the log.

Typhon Dead Drop: Charnel Keep

Image showing the Typhon Dead Drop Charnel Keep location.

Note: If you go to the here without gathering the logs, the chest is locked.

Once you gather all the Typhon Logs you will need to return to the Charnel Keep. Here you will see the Dead Drop is located off the map. To get to it simply make your way through the path.

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