Borderlands 3: Skywell-27 Crew Challenges Guide

Once you’ve made your way through Atlas HQ, you will enter the low gravity area of Skywell-27. In this area there are a total of five Crew Challenges for players to complete. To help you in completing these challenges, use our Skywell-27 Crew Challenges guide below.

Skywell-27 Crew Challenges Locations Map

Image showing the Skywell-27 Crew Challenges Locations Map.

As mentioned above, Skywell-27 is a low gravity area which means jumping allows you to reach much higher locations. With this in mind check out the map above for all the Skywell-27 Crew Challenges locations.

Typhon Log #1: Maliwan Modulars

Image showing the Typhon Log #1 Maliwan Modulars location.

This Typhon Log can be found inside the area called Maliwan Modulars. It is sitting in a control room that can be accessed through a tunnel in the lower portion of the large area to the north.

Dead Claptrap: Maliwan Modulars

Image showing the Dead Claptrap Maliwan Modulars location.

After you travel through the maintenance tunnels you will arrive in another wide open area. In this wide open area make your way towards the middle and you should see a large moon rock above you with the Dead Claptrap on it. Jump to it and collect the Antenna.

Typhon Log #2: Titanium Refinery

Image showing the location of the Typhon Log #2 Maliwan Modulars.

In the area with the Space Laser, look along the south wall and you should see some stone ledges you can jump to. Jump along these ledges to reach the Typhon Log at the end.

Typhon Log #3: Observation Deck

Image showing the Typhon Log #3 Observation Deck location.

The final Typhon Log is located on a ledge above you when you enter the Observation Deck area. To reach it climb the ladder located to the west and use the pipe to jump to it.

Target of Opportunity: Observation Deck

Image showing the Target of Opportunity: Observation Deck location.

Directly beneath where you found Typhon Log #3 you will find a Target of Opportunity called Handsome Jackie. Look down for some ledges and use them to reach this target.

Dead Claptrap: Observation Deck

Image showing the Dead Claptrap: Observation Deck location.

South of both of these collectibles is a Dead Claptrap on the second floor of the building on the westside of the area you fight all the enemies. Jump to the ledge it is on to get the Dubstep Library.

Typhon Log Dead Drop: Observation Deck

Image showing the Typhon Log Dead Drop: Observation Deck.

Note: If you go to the here without gathering the logs, the chest is locked.

Once you have all the Typhon Logs this Dead Drop will unlock. It can be reached by turning to the left on the platform the Alablaster spawns on.

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