Borderlands 3: Athenas Crew Challenges Guide

Once you leave Promethea you will arrive at the planet called Athenas. This planet is one area that features a total of six Crew Challenges to complete. To help you complete these challenges, use our Athenas Crew Challenges guide below.

Athenas Crew Challenges Map Locations

image showing the Athenas Crew Challenges Map Locations.

Athenas is one giant zone. In this zone there are a total of six Crew Challenges. I’ve marked their locations on the map above. Read below for more exact locations if needed.

Typhon Log #1: Stormhaven Square

Image showing the Typhon Log #1: Sanctum Square.

As you walk through Sanctum Square you will see a large archway with towers on both ends. On the west side of this archway it the Typhon Log. Climb the house to the north tand jump to the ledge to reach it.

Dead Claptrap: Windward Plaza

Image showing the Dead Claptrap Windward Plaza location.

In the Windward Plaza there a house on it’s own to the north which is accessible via bridge or jumping to it. In front of the house is a Dead Claptrap with the Poetry Module.

Legendary Hunt: Windward Plaza

Image showing the Legendary Hunt Windward Plaza location.

Continue along the main path through Windward Plaza until you reach a bridge leading to the cemetery. Head south from this bridge to reach the hunting grounds of the Chupacabratch.

Typhon Log #2: Dido’s Remorse

Image showing the Typhon Log #2 Dido's Remorse location.

Inside the cemetery you will find a large mausoleum in the south portion of the area. On the left side is the Typhon Log.

Crimson Radio: The Anchorhold

Image showing the Crimson Radio: The Archhold location.

Just after you cross the bridge into The Anchorhold look to the towers to the northeast. On top of the northeast tower there is radio tower. To reach the top you need to climb between the two towers located near each other. On the top of the tower interact with the computer to sabotage.

Dead Claptrap: The Anchorhold

Image showing the Dead Claptrap: The Anchorhold location.

Further into The Anchorhold you will find another Dead Claptrap. This Dead Claptrap is up some stairs in front of a piano. Interact with it to get the Singing Module.

Typhon Log #3: The Anchorhold

Image showing the Typhon Log #3: The Anchorhold location.

Inside the final room of The Anchorhold, where you get the Vault Key fragment, you will find the Typhon Log to the north of the statue in some water.

Typhon Dead Drop: The Anchorhold

Image showing the Typhon Dead Drop: The Anchorhold location.

Note: If you go to the here without gathering the logs, the chest is locked.

Upon collection of all three Typhon Logs you will unlock this Typhon Dead Drop. This Dead Drop is located opposite the Typhon Log #2 behind a gate. Climb the crate to make your way over.

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