Borderlands 3: Blackbarrel Cellars Statues Puzzle Solution

During the mission Cold as the Grave you will enter a zone called Blackbarrel Cellars. In this area you will take out a boss and enter the Estate Gardens. In this area you need to solve the puzzle with three statues. To help you solve this puzzle read more below for the Blackbarrel Cellars statues puzzle solution.

The puzzle in the Estate Gardens revolves around three statues with audio clues beside them. These audio clues give a hint as to what you are suppose to do with each statue (shockingly it involves shooting).

Statue 1: Shoot Head

Image showing the solution to the first puzzle in Estate Gardens.

The solution to the first statue is to simply shoot the head. This will cause the head to pop up, opening the path to the next statue to the west.

Statue 2: Shoot Back

Image showing the solution to the second statue in the Observatory Grotto.

The next statue can be found inside the Observatory Grotto. Make your way through this area and you will reach the second statue. To solve the puzzle of this statue simply shoot the statue in the back. Upon shooting the back, the gate to the east side of the Garden Estates will open, leading to the final statue.

Statue 3: Shoot Groin

Image showing the solution to the statue inside the Neglected Solarium.

Make your way to the east portion of the Garden Estates and head through the now open gate. Through this gate you will reach the Neglected Solarium. Make your way through this area to reach the third and final statue.

Once you’ve triggered all three statues, return to the Garden Estates and press the button that appears. Pushing this button allows you to access the Vault called, The Floating Tomb.

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