Borderlands 3: Blackbarrel Cellars Crew Challenges Guide

Before entering the Vault on Eden-6 you will pass through an area called Blackbarrel Cellars. In this area you can complete three Crew Challenges for extra XP and Zone Progress. To help you do this, here’s our Blackbarrel Cellars Crew Challenges guide.

Blackbarrel Cellars Crew Challenges Locations Map

Image showing the Blackbarrel Cellars Crew Challenges Locations Map.

The Blackbarrel Cellars is a location underneath the Jakobs Manor. You will go to this location just before entering The Floating Tomb. Complete the Crew Challenges in this area using the map above.

Dead Claptrap: Premium Casks

Image showing the Dead Claptrap Premium Casks location.

As soon as you enter the Premium Casks area head to the north and head down the stairs. Here you will find the Dead Claptrap on the table. It has the Antenna Accessory.

Typhon Log #1: Norton’s Study

Image showing the Typhon Log #1: Norton's Study location.

In the Norton’s Study area there is a Typhon Log along the south wall.

Typhon Log #2: Forgotten Halls

Image showing the Typhon Log #2: Forgotten Halls location.

Inside the Forgotten Halls area the is a bathroom on the northside of the room. Inside this bathroom is the Typhon Log.

Typhon Log #3: Neglected Solarium

Image showing Typhon Log #3 Neglected Solarium

Inside the Neglected Solarium you will find a Typhon Log on the walkway above. Climb ladder on the the walkway to right of this walkway and jump across to reach this log.

Typhon Dead Drop: Estate Gardens

Image showing the Typhon Dead Drop: Estate Gardens.

Note: If you go to the here without gathering the logs, the chest is locked.

In the Estate Gardens area there is a waterfall on the westside of the gardens. Slide under the waterfall to reach the Red Chest.

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