Blasphemous 2 The Curse of the Unforgiven Guide

Image showing the message received when you complete The Curse of the Unforgiven quest in Blasphemous 2.

Blasphemous 2 The Curse of the Unforgiven is a special side quest players can complete by following clues left in Sealed Envelope items. These clues detail the journey of a man who is attempting to find forgiveness by completing certain steps. To learn how to complete this quest see our full Sealed Envelops guide below.

Where to Get the First Sealed Envelope

Image showing the location of the Sealed Envelope in the Streets of Wakes area of Blasphemous 2.
Reach the circled room to get the first Sealed Envelope.

To begin this quest you need to find a very specific quest item called the Sealed Envelope. This item is located in a small room in the top right corner of the large square room in the upper section of Streets of Wakes. To reach the room you need to use the Scion’s Protection ability to climb the rings to the right corner. You then need to jump and down attack with Ruego Al Alba to clear the roots blocking the doorway.

Inside the room walk over to the item on the desk and pick it up. This item is a Sealed Envelope. Open your inventory and read the letter to learn the following clue:

“The first step of the one who seeks redemption lies in performing an act of humility. For this, thou must seek out the largest looking glass, prostrate thyself before thine reflection, look thyself in the eye and beg forgiveness.”

As you may have guessed this is a clue that leads us to the next quest objective. To complete this first clue you need to make your way to the Two Moons area.

Cursed Letter, Page One Solution

Blasphemous 2 Cursed Letter One solution.
Crouch in front of this mirror in Two Moons to get the Sealed Envelope.

In the Two Moons location use the water fountain to visit the the reflected side. Once you are on the reflected side go to the room with the big mirror. Position the Penitent One so his reflection is seen in the mirror and then crouch. Hold this position until you receive the Sealed Envelope (Quest Item). Open it to read Cursed Letter, Page Two (Quest Item).

This second cursed letter is on of the more obscure clues you get. The gist of the text is that there is a large pit somewhere in the world where petals float and the occasional scream can be heard coming up from it.

Cursed Letter, Page Two Solution

Blasphemous 2 Cursed Letter Two solution.
Stand on this edge to get the next Sealed Envelope.

To solve the Cursed Letter, Page Two clue make your way to the City of the Blessed Name location. In this location head to the right so you are standing where the broken bridge/pit down to Profundo Lamento is located. Stand as close to the edge as you can and wait there. You will receive a Sealed Envelope. Read it to get the Cursed Letter, Page Three (Quest Item).

Like the previous clue this one is also fairly ambiguous. The main thing to take out of it is the “old bell lying broken on the ground.” There is only one area that has old bells in it and that is Mother of Mothers.

Cursed Letter, Page Three Solution

Blasphemous 2 Cursed Letter Three solution.
Hit this bell to reach a secret room with the Sealed Envelope inside.

In Mother of Mothers make your way to the map location shown above. Head to the far right corner of this room to find a broken bell lying on the ground. Hit the bell a couple of times to reveal a hidden corner. Go through the hidden corner to reach a secret room that has the Sealed Envelope. Read it to get the Cursed Letter, Page Four (Quest Item).

When you read the fourth letter you will want to pay attention to when it mentions the “skull.” This clue is a dead give away to the location you must visit. There is only one skull that meets the bill “scrutinizes all with its last living eye like a grim cyclops” and it is located in The City of the Blessed Name.  

Cursed Letter, Page Four Solution

Blasphemous 2 Cursed Letter Four solution.
Walk beneath the skull a few times to get the final Sealed Envelope.

Make your way to the right side of the City of the Blessed Name where the merchant’s shop is located. Don’t go into the shop but instead look at it’s exterior. Perched above the entrance is a skull. To solve the puzzle of the skull simply walk back and forth underneath the skull until the game stops you. You will then receive a Sealed Envelope. Read it to get the Cursed Letter, Page Five (Quest Item), which is the final letter.

Cursed Letter, Page Five Solution and Quest End

Blasphemous 2 Cursed Letter Five solution.
Jump of this ledge into the abyss below to complete the quest.

The final letter speaks of a location that features a “towering cliff” with a “cool sea breeze.” This location is found in the Profundo Lamento area. Head to the room to the left of the elevator to reach a ledge and nothing below you by the Sea of Ink.

Jump to the left off the ledge into the abyss below. When you do this you will see a message that says “curse of the Unforgiven has been lifted.” Hit accept and you will respawn back on the ledge. You will then unlock the Memory of Your Eyes Prayer and the A Leap of Faith trophy/achievement.

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