Blasphemous 2 Weapons

Blasphemous 2 introduces three novel weapon types at players’ disposal. Each of these weapons boasts its distinct set of abilities, combos, and specialized traversal functions. As you commence the game, you select one of these weapons, yet over time, you amass the entire collection. For further insights on the Blasphemous 2 weapons, delve into the particulars outlined in our guide below.

Veredicto Weapon Details

The Veredicto is a large incense holder mace that serves as the game’s main strength weapon. This weapon is slow to swing, but has a wide arching range and high damage. Players that select this Veredicto at the start of the game are able to freely explore the Sacred Entombments location which houses the Great Preceptor Radamés boss.

The Veredicto possesses a secondary ability known as Embers of Faith, which activates using RB. When you initiate Embers of Faith, the weapon inflicts extra Fire damage by trading it for accumulated Fervour.

Veredicto Traversal Ability

Blasphemous 2 Veredicto bells.
The bells you can ring by hitting it with the Veredicto.

Due to its weight the Veredicto allows players to ring special bells (pictured above) that emit soundwaves. These soundwaves create time-limited platforms and open special, sealed, doors. No other weapons can be used on these bells besides Veredicto.

Sarmiento & Centella Weapon Details

The Sarmiento & Centella stand as a dual set of sleek silver rapiers, embodying the game’s swift yet low-damage weaponry. Those who opt for the Sarmiento & Centella from the game’s outset gain the ability to explore the Palace of the Embroideries, where the formidable Orospina, Lady Embroiderer boss resides, all thanks to these rapiers.

Among its attributes, the Sarmiento & Centella boasts a secondary ability known as Cross Guard. By triggering this skill with the RB button, you promptly adopt a defensive stance that empowers you to thwart a wide range of maneuvers with this versatile technique.

Sarmiento & Centella Traversal Ability

Blasphemous 2 Sarmiento & Centella mirror portals.
You can warp using these portals by hitting them with Sarmiento & Centella.

The Sarmiento & Centella rapiers allow players to use special warp mirrors found on statues (shown above). These mirrors, when hit, send the Penitent One warping in the direction of the mirror’s light reflection. This allows the Penitent One to reach locations normally inaccessible through other means.

Ruego Al Alba Weapon Details

The Ruego Al Alba scimitar caters to players seeking a weapon that hits harder than the Sarmiento & Centella yet maintains swiftness surpassing the Veridicto. For those desiring a Blasphemous-like experience reminiscent of the Mea Culpa, this blade is an ideal choice.

Ruego Al Alba Traversal Ability

As for the Ruego Al Alba’s secondary function, it introduces the Weight of Sin. This dynamic capability allows players to unleash a potent downward attack by pressing down and X. For added impact, utilizing this technique from a significant height allows you to shatter obstructing root barriers along your path.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Blasphemous 2

As you progress through the game, you have the opportunity to enhance the strength of each of the three weapons mentioned earlier. To initiate upgrades, navigate to the Weapon Memories screen and pick the specific weapon you aim to bolster. Within the weapon’s menu, you’ll encounter an array of abilities available for purchase using Marks of Martyrdom. To expand your arsenal, your goal should be to locate the weapon’s Bearer Penitents statues scattered across the world. Accomplishing this feat unlocks advanced levels of Weapon Memories, enabling even more potent enhancements.

Enhancing your weapons serves a dual purpose: not only does it amplify their power, but it also triggers the attainment of achievements linked to each weapon. Additionally, achieving mastery over every individual Weapon Memory in the game culminates in another notable accomplishment waiting to be unlocked.

Are You Stuck with Your Starting Weapon in Blasphemous 2?

Upon commencing Blasphemous 2, you make a pivotal choice: selecting one among the trio of weapons listed earlier. This chosen weapon becomes your initial tool of choice. Despite the game’s lack of explicit indication, it’s vital to understand that you’re not bound to this selection. Obtaining the remaining weapons is a matter of venturing through the world and uncovering them. With each discovery, a new weapon seamlessly integrates into your arsenal. As you progress through the game, the culmination of your efforts will naturally lead you to possess all three weapons.

Which Weapon Should You Start with in Blasphemous 2?

Which weapon you choose largely depends on your own personal playstyle. All three weapons are balanced fairly well and come down your grasp of their mechanics and abilities. With that being said I would suggest starting with Verdicto if you are struggling with the game. This weapon packs serious punch and has longer range than the others which makes it more beginner friendly. The only thing to watch out for is its slow attack speed.

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