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In Dying Light 2 there are a number of interesting collectibles for players to find around the world. Some of the collectibles are obvious while others are not so much. One of the less obvious collectibles players can find is black ducks. These evil duckies are scattered around the map. When collected they can be used to access a special area in the VCN Tower. To find all of these collectibles use our Black Ducks locations in Dying Light 2 guide below.

Black Duck 1: VNC Tower

The first black duck is located in the VNC Tower. Make your way to the VNC Tower roof using the elevator. On the roof go to the southside where you can stand on the light (like you would going to the developer room building). Drop down to the open window below. Open the safe on the shelf in the office using code 6-6-6. Inside is the first black ducky.

Black Duck 2: Lower Dam Ayre Moor

The next black duck located along the border of the territories of the Lower Dam Ayre and the Newfound Lost Lands. Go to the location on the map shown above and you will find the black duck sitting on a mooring hook on the lower level. It is directly south of the first bridge leading to the Saint Paul Water Tower.

Black Duck 3: Mount Lucid Observatory Guard Tower

Make your way to the exterior of the Mount Lucid Observatory and hookshot your way up to the second northernmost guard tower. Inside this guard tower you will find the black duck on a storage container beside some candles.

Black Duck 4: Underwater Car in The Wharf

The fourth black duck you can collect is located inside a sunken car to the north of GRE Anomaly C-A-83 on the edge of The Wharf territory. Dive into the water here and pick the lock on the back trunk. Open the trunk to find the black duck sitting in a circle of human skulls.

Black Duck 5: Northwest of Houndfield

The final black duck can be found outside of the boundaries of northwest Houndfield. Make your way to the map marker shown above and you will find the duck sitting in a non-contaminated patch of ground. Grab it to add it to your collection.

That’s all you need to know to find all of the Black Ducks in Dying Light 2. Once you have all of the ducks listed above you can complete the Doom Easter egg challenge (guide here).

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    Final black duck is in the far SE edge of Saint Paul Island inside a GRE base, inside safe

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