BirdGut All Endings Guide

The Mantis boss in BirdGut.

In BirdGut the player is tasked with escaping from a bird that has eaten them. This tasks involves reaching the missile chamber where you will need to make a decision to unlock one of the game’s three endings. Below is our BirdGut all endings guide.

Note: There are three total endings you can unlock in BirdGut. These endings unlock depending on what you do in the Missile Command Control room. You can get all three endings fairly easily. Simply reload your game after getting an ending and then unlock a different one.

Ending #1: Going Down with the Ship

The Launch Ending in BirdGut.
Stay in the control room while it counts down to unlock the launch ending.

To unlock the Going Down with the Ship ending and achievement, stay inside the room after pressing the button and wait for the countdown to finish. You will complete your mission but die in the process.

Endings #2: Lose-Lose

Emergency Exit in BirdGut missile control room.
Leave using the Emergency Exit.

To unlock the Lose-Lose ending and achievement, DO NOT PRESS THE LAUNCH BUTTON. Instead knock the crate down from the top left corner of the room. Use it to leave via the Emergency Exit. This results in unlocking the bad ending where you don’t trigger the explosion or escape alive.

Ending #3: The Hatless One

Countdown and Emergency Exit in BirdGut missile control room.
Push the button and leave during the countdown using the Emergency Exit.

This is the good ending of BirdGut, where you fulfill the prophecy and survive. To get it, knock the crate down from the top left corner, trigger the launch, and leave through the Emergency Exit before the countdown ends to unlock “The Hatless One” achievement.

That concludes our BirdGut all endings guide. If you are looking to unlock all achievements in this game you will need to unlock all three of the endings above. You can also unlock an additional level by finding all nine hidden skulls.

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