BirdGut All Skulls Locations

Visit the Nine option after collecting all nine skulls in BirdGut.

In the free-to-play title BirdGut there are collectibles in each level in the form of skulls. These collectibles are tied to a number of the game’s achievements as well as unlocking a secret level. Use our BirdGut all skulls locations guide below to find all nine skulls.

Skull #1: The First of the Hidden (Esophagus)

The first hidden skull is located in the bird’s esophagus. This is the area you enter after being eaten. To get the skull hug the right wall of the esophagus as you fall and you will land by a pipe. Go inside the pipe to reach the skull.

Skull #2: The Second of the Hidden (Stomach)

This skull is located just before the entrance to Stomach City. There is a snail which launches explosives at you. Normally you use these explosives to kill the snail and get a block. Instead stand near the entrance; get the snail to fire at you; and time your jump with the explosion so it propels you up. Here you will find the second skull.

Skull #3: The Third of the Hidden (Stomach City P1)

When you enter Stomach City you will pass by two dilapidated houses by the large milk carton. Instead of releasing the weight, go left and jump onto the roofs of both houses to reach the third skull.

Skull #4: The Fourth of the Hidden (Stomach City P2)

To get this skull make your way through the stomach’s upper zone until you reach an area with the charging bugs and a bunch of large crates. The bug needs to charge for you to advance. Once the large block has dropped jump onto it and go right instead of up. You will see a crate with cracks on it. Have the bug charge this crate to reveal the Skull of the Fourth.

Skull #5: The Fifth of the Hidden (Stomach Ocean)

Achievement #7: The Fifth of the Hidden
Jump across the trash to reach the fifth hidden skull.

This skull is found in the Acid Ocean. It is in plain sight but is kind of annoying to get to. You need to jump across the three pieces of garbage floating in the acid to reach it. This means quickly jumping the moment you touch the garbage.

Skull #6: The Sixth of the Hidden (Small Intestines)

The sixth skull in the small intestines in BirdGut.
The sixth skull is at the end of the small intestine maze.

The sixth skull is located inside the maze portion of the small intestines. To find it follows these directions (from the first elevator you find).

  • Exit elevator right into room with boiler looking thing.
  • Drop down into next room.
  • Drop down into the next room using the furthest right drop.
  • Run right past the dropping spikes.
  • Drop down.
  • Go right and drop down.
  • Push crate left then jump on it to reach higher area.
  • Get on elevator.
  • Ride elevator to lowest floor (should see Skul).
  • Go right from the elevator and jump up.
  • Go right and jump up again.
  • You will reach the room with the skull.

If you have clearer directions for this skull, drop them in the comments. It’s a bit of a confusing area!

Skull #7: The Seventh of the Hidden (Large Intestines)

When you enter the large intestines you will have to drop an explosive to clear away gunk so you can proceed. In this area along the left wall you will see a single torch. Drop an explosive by this torch and detonate it to find the seventh skull.

Skull #8: The Eighth of the Hidden (Large Intestines)

The eight skull can be found in the Large Intestines. Head to the room with the bugs that drop bombs and the large weight in the middle. Along the left wall there is a pipe. Have the enemy drop a bomb near you then use it to launch up to the pipe. Go inside the pipe to find the skull.

Skull #9: The Ninth of the Hidden (Missile Chamber)

The ninth skull location in BirdGut.
The ninth skull is in this little room in the Missile Chamber.

This skull is located inside the missile chamber. After you trigger stage 2, jump on the rocket on the left side of the room then jump to the room with the skull in is (you will need to shoot the board off the top to enter).

What Happens When you Collect all Nine Skulls?

Visit the Nine level in BirdGut.
Collecting all nine skulls unlocks a special level.

After you’ve collected all nine skulls listed above, make your way to the Secrets screen on the Main Menu. On this screen you will see an new option titled “Visit the Nine.” Select this option to access a sort of secret level. Completing this level unlocks an achievement called Blessed.

Thoughts on our BirdGut all skulls locations guide? Drop them in comments below.



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