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BirdGut All Endings Guide 0

BirdGut All Endings Guide

In BirdGut the player is tasked with escaping from a bird that has eaten them. This tasks involves reaching the missile chamber where you will need to make a decision to unlock one of the game’s three endings. Below is...

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BirdGut All Skulls Locations

In the free-to-play title BirdGut there are collectibles in each level in the form of skulls. These collectibles are tied to a number of achievements as well as a secret level. Use our BirdGut all skulls locations guide below to...

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BirdGut Achievement Guide

BirdGut is a new, free to play title on steam. This game features a total of 22 achievements for players to unlock. To help you unlock all of these achievements, use our BirdGut achievement guide below. Achievement #1: Get Eaten...