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While you are out exploring the world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you will come across special world events. These events occur in the world and reward players for completing them. One of the first world events you will encounter features a sleepwalking man. Use our The Dreamwalking Warrior guide below to learn how to complete this world event.

Where to Start The Dreamwalking Warrior

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When you reach Fornburg you can explore the mountainous area’s to the north (near the Seer’s Hut). In these mountains you will find a few World Events you can complete. The one closes to the Seer’s Hut is The Sleepwalking Warrior. This World Event can be found at the location marked on the map above. Here you will find a sleeping NPC.

How to Complete The Dreamwalking Warrior

Approach the sleeping man named Eyvind and speak to him. When you do this he will get up and start sleepwalking. Follow Eyvind as he walks down the path towards the zipline. Continue to follow him as he crosses the zipline to the other side. Ride the zipline and speak to Eyvind on the other side to complete the World Event. After this interaction you will complete The Dreamwalking Warrior world event and will receive 1+ Rygjafylke mysteries.

This is just one of many mysteries players can find in the Rygjafylke. For more help finding these other mysteries consult our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla walkthrough for more help on world events.

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  1. Odinsatanas says:

    This quest is the one that earned my respect as a fan of norse myth/history/the eddas for 20 years hahah.. Eivar says “only a fool stays up all night worrying, when you wake the problem is still there” I’m like..that’s straight from the Havamal, the teachings of Odin, a deep cut. Touche AC Valhalla, you aren’t just dipping your toes into viking lore hahaha, that was seriously impressive

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