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After the ceremony you will need to meet Flann in Durrow. This is the first objective of the new main story quest called A Show of Character. To help you complete this quest we’ve put together a brief guide. Consult the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla A Show of Character walkthrough.

Meet with Flann in Durrow

Leave Dublin and head to the west into Meath. Follow the quest marker until you arrive at the port village of Durrow. In this village make your way to the church and go inside it. When you enter there is a cutscene with Flann. A book was stolen during the ceremony and you will be forced to find it and return it.

Find the Book of Kells

Get out of Durrow and make your way to the north to the location called Inchroe. At this location you need to look through three stashes that are hidden in the bandit camp. If you don’t feel like looking through the stashes go to the waypoint that is the furthest east to reach a shack you need to enter. When you enter the shake you will encounter Thorstein. This triggers a cutscene in which he tells you about the book’s location.

Go to Boyne Tombs

Image showing the Boyne Tomb entrance.

Thorstein tells you he traded the book to someone in Boyne Tombs. This location is northeast of where you are. Ride over to the location and go to the east side to find an entrance. This entrance is blocked. If you have explosive arrows use them to clear the blockage. Otherwise go up into the camp on the hill. Defeat the enemies and grab an oil jar to throw.

Image showing the location of the book of kells.

Once the blockage is clear head into the tombs. Head through the tomb until you reach a room with multiple enemies. Defeat the enemies and grab the key off the table. Opposite the table there is a opening. Go through the opening and down into the next room. Pull the rock out of your way and go through the hole in the wall. Use the key to unlock the door on your left. Head up the stairs and grab the key off the crates.

Take the Book to Flann

Make your way back to Durrow and deliver the book to Flann just outside the church. When you approach the group a cutscene will trigger. During this cutscene Eivor will return the book to Eogan’s possession. After this interaction you will have completed this story quest the next quest to become available is War Efforts.

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